Finished Quilts

Monday, 11 July 2011

OMG I actually made something!

Despite all my efforts and lists of things to make over the past months, it would seem that my mind was strong but my body weak and nothing much has been happening, crafty wise. Of course, over the past couple of months, I organised an wedding, got married and am cooking a karate-loving munchkin so I guess I've not been as lazy as I feel.  Anyway, after a hormonal blowout on Friday night (I should have made tea!), I seemed to have released a burst of energy so Saturday was spent defrosting a very frosty freezer (life in the fast lane!) and Sunday was a date with Bertha the sewing machine.  It's been such a long time, I didn't think we'd gel at first but it was a breeze and here is the result of all that effort.....
fabric basket in newly painted nursery
I'd cut out some fabric to make more but was spent after this one.  I need to take things slowly.  I have a couple of quilts to start and finish but I think I'll wait until my maternity leave starts before having a go.  You know that hardest thing - actually cutting the fabric.  I've always had "issues" with this but pregnancy has made it worse!  Who knew!  I have already cut out fabric to make a bib and some baby troosers so maybe I'll tackle sewing them up next.

I did make a couple of bags for two of my sisters, but only remembered to take a photo of one of them.
another keyla lou but it's a winner!
You know what's weird.... I'm like totally married!  And up the duff!  Not the 2011 I expected :)