Finished Quilts

Monday, 20 December 2010


Well, we made it to Scotland and back without getting caught in too much snow.  We even made it to the bottom of our friends' street in Dunblane in the snow before chickening out, turning round and heading home! Pressies were exchanged and Maia just loved her quilt, which was a relief.  She and the boys ended up having a picnic on it.  I'll see if I can get hold of a photo of it in action.  I came home with a quilting hoop, how to crochet book and hook, flat head pins and a list of things to add to the to-do list!

So today, apart from cleaning out the fridge (a chore left over from my birthday to-do list!), I'm working out my crafty plan for 2011.  I read about this quilt-along today....

Quilt Dad

It's going on the list! I've started a "quilts I want to make in 2011" list in the side bar of kettleboiler but it is by no means definitive at the moment.  I've made 6 quilts in my first year of sewing - I want to beat that next year!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

having a stevie wonder moment...

.... cos it's my birthday today!  It's Altered Images and the Beatles next!  As is my tradition, I have taken a day off from work.  I take Laughing Boy's birthday off as well even though he never does - someone has to!  Anyway, I have two lists of what I plan to with my day:

List 1: unrealistic and overambitious
clean the bathroom
clean out the fridge and my Nigella cupboard (pantry)
hoover until exhaustion
bake til I run out of stuff
order christmas food from farm shop (despite the -12 degrees, ice and the big hill to get there)
finish all christmas pressie shopping by going into town and physically buying rather than internet shopping
make 25 mug rugs and 4 bags and 1 scarf
have lunch
watch the Gilmore Girls
finish reading Kafka on the Beach
re-organise my fabric shelf
wrap some pressies
make a cup of tea for the in-laws
go out for dinner

List 2: the probably gonna happen list
clean the bathroom CHECK
have a coffee and some pancakes CHECK
think really hard about making my first ever red velvet cake but put it off until Christmas CHECK
watch the Gilmore Girls NEXT
make some mug rugs
do some internet shopping
wrap some pressies
make a cup of tea for the in-laws
go out for dinner

Re red velvet cake - although I've never tasted it, I have this idea that it's the nicest thing in the world and I am obsessed with cake in a jar like this...
.... from mycakies blog
How delicious does that look? It's a definite make for Christmas I think, although maybe not in a jar.

Re internet shopping, I wasn't going to but I think I'm going to treat myself to some AMH innocent crush as a wee personal pressie
and when I say some, I probably mean the lot!
And the sun's out.  It's a beautiful day :-)

Friday, 3 December 2010

navel gazing

Since my last post and my continued frustrations at my lack of accuracy in cutting AND sewing, I read a really interesting post, from someone who is a much better sewer than I am, talking about her frustrations with imperfection.  I agree with Rachel when she talks about feeling like the only one that makes mistakes.  I get depressed when I read a blog about someone who knocked up a perfect quilt in 5 hours.  But I guess I should remember I'm still pretty new on this journey and could probably relax a little and ease up on the self criticism.  At the same time, I need to learn from my many mistakes.  In a strange way, this crafty journey mirrors my wider life in many ways........  Ahem, as you were!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

riding the wave

It's the fastest I've ever made a quilt, but as it's a christmas present I wanted to get it done so I could cross at least one thing of the mightily long to-do list.  I give you Maia's "sofa with mum" new wave quilt...

it's kind of cute, huh? if you ignore some of the wonkier match ups!
 And for the obligatory photo of Laughing Boy's legs, here's what the back looks like...
he's so patient with me!

quilted with straight lines following the wave
The finished quilt is about 40 inches by 43 inches, which I think will be big enough for her, given that she's nearly 4.  I made the binding with strips of the material used on each wave.  Although I think it looks good, I might have been better with one fabric - maybe the ginger mermaid one.  Also, I see EVERY flaw and continue to struggle with accurate cutting.  I am the proverbial bull in a china shop -breenging in all gun ho and not paying enough attention to what I am doing. I am a child of the MTV generation I guess!  I am getting better but so slowly. Perhaps I need a list of commandments on my wall that I refer to before, during and after.  A lesson I am still learning. 

As is the consistent seam width thingy - I lose concentration or something.  Maybe I need to get me one of those tracer wheels - I hope you're reading this, Santa! 

I'd use this pattern again - it was straightforward and fun to do.  I'm a little concerned about the wadding - it seems to stiff for me - hobbs heirloom something something - not happy :(  Maybe a few washes will soften it up a bit.

Onwards - I'm on a bag making frenzy this week, with mug rugs next week and hopefully some basic dressmaking the following week.  (or a glass of wine and a kip on the couch watching Ace of Cakes! Cake Boss just doesn't compare!!)