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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

riding the wave

It's the fastest I've ever made a quilt, but as it's a christmas present I wanted to get it done so I could cross at least one thing of the mightily long to-do list.  I give you Maia's "sofa with mum" new wave quilt...

it's kind of cute, huh? if you ignore some of the wonkier match ups!
 And for the obligatory photo of Laughing Boy's legs, here's what the back looks like...
he's so patient with me!

quilted with straight lines following the wave
The finished quilt is about 40 inches by 43 inches, which I think will be big enough for her, given that she's nearly 4.  I made the binding with strips of the material used on each wave.  Although I think it looks good, I might have been better with one fabric - maybe the ginger mermaid one.  Also, I see EVERY flaw and continue to struggle with accurate cutting.  I am the proverbial bull in a china shop -breenging in all gun ho and not paying enough attention to what I am doing. I am a child of the MTV generation I guess!  I am getting better but so slowly. Perhaps I need a list of commandments on my wall that I refer to before, during and after.  A lesson I am still learning. 

As is the consistent seam width thingy - I lose concentration or something.  Maybe I need to get me one of those tracer wheels - I hope you're reading this, Santa! 

I'd use this pattern again - it was straightforward and fun to do.  I'm a little concerned about the wadding - it seems to stiff for me - hobbs heirloom something something - not happy :(  Maybe a few washes will soften it up a bit.

Onwards - I'm on a bag making frenzy this week, with mug rugs next week and hopefully some basic dressmaking the following week.  (or a glass of wine and a kip on the couch watching Ace of Cakes! Cake Boss just doesn't compare!!)

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