Finished Quilts

Monday, 9 November 2015

Lady parts

Well, sewing still seems to be bumbling along without much focus.  Thank goodness for bees!  After a shortish hiatus, I rejoined the bumbling honeys and this time round we're doing travelling quilts.  As usual, I was scratching around for inspiration and sat on my sofa staring at the Georgia O'Keefe print that Laughing Boy got me for our first Christmas together and there it was... my starting block....  I love Georgia O'Keefe and her flowing, sensuous, suggestive style.

Dark Iris I Georgia O'Keeffe Print
Dark Iris I by Georgia O'Keefe taken from
I thought it might be an interesting challenge to improv a block based on this print. I have not really embraced improv before and to be frank it frightens the bejeesus out of me.  So it took me about 4 weeks (on and off, stop, start, stop, worry, start - you get the picture) to finally finish my starter block (very late)...

So all the things I love about Ms O'Keefe - fluidity etc - I seem to have managed to anglify them!  But I am quite chuffed that I did this all with an image in my mind and some fabric on the table.  So my starter block for "Georgia on my mind" has begin its journey and should be back with me as a finished quilt top next year.  I've asked my bee sisters to keep a simple colour palette of greys, whites and greens if possible and to just do what they feel is right - no need to slavishly copy other O'Keefe works.  I am excited to see what returns.

Check out this Georgia O'Keefe site for more examples of her lovely works.