Finished Quilts

Sunday, 27 March 2011

sunday stash talk

So, now that I'm finally getting my energy back and the nausea is receding, I decided to tidy up my facric stash.  Up until now, I have thrown each purchase into the cupboard so that all "sets" are together and I can't really see what I have or where I need* to improve.
(* not need need, more want need)
So I decided to store by colour - like most normal sane people do.  And here is the result:

you can tell I got bored towards the end by some of my rubbish folding!

It came as a bit of a surprise that blues and greens dominate quite so much.  I also have another shelf of linens and home dec material that hasn't been sorted out yet.  So whilst it was a pfaff getting them in piles like this, at least I can see better what I've got and what I could benefit from getting.  Note on the far right, the large pile of black and greys too - note sure how that happened :-]

As I haven't been feeling so hot for the first couple of months this year, my fabric purchases have been minimal.  Now I'm getting back to feeling ok, the urge to buy has returned and I bought this pile of fabric to make a playmat quilt for the munchkin:

Circa 60 by birch fabrics bought from fabricworm
Do you like?  Laughing boy's mum hates it and is already worrying that her latest grandchild will be dressed like a goth from day 1! Just because I like a more muted palate :-/  It's hard to find good gender neutral colours though I think.  Mind you, after buying clothes for my gorgeous niece Grace just after she was born, her mum took me aside and mentioned that colour would also be a good option!   I need to work on that I think.

Hope to start sewing again this week - getting a little excited by the prospect - woot!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

side project moves centre stage :)

I mentioned earlier this year that I was working on a wee side project and if all continued to go well, I'd let you know all about it.  Well, it has now firmly taken centre stage and I think it's ok to let you in on what is going on....

Laughing Boy and I are having a baby! 

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and all is good.  Our scan went well and test results have been great (we don't need to go for any more).  We're only just getting over the shock of the news ourselves and have enjoyed the "shock and awe" that the news has generated amongst our families.  Everyone is looking forward to the new arrival in September.

Of course, this means that I now have to draft a new "to-do" list and have already ordered some fabric to make a playmat quilt.  I also want to teach myself how to crochet and the knitting needles are getting a dust off.  Come back Mojo, all is forgiven!

My head is swirling with how our lives will be changing over the coming months and years.....  all is good :-)

Monday, 14 March 2011

mums rock!

Intense discussions are underway with my sewing mojo, in a brave attempt to negotiate a return to normal service.  It's tough but I think we're getting somewhere!

In the meantime, I'm mentioned Laughing Boy's mum a couple of times in my blog.  Well, she is called Carol and is quite adorable.  For her 60th birthday last year, we bought her a sewing machine and she has become quite intoxicated with quilting.  So I thought I would showcase some of her work here.  Carol has taken some english piecing patchwork classes and is way more technically proficient than I am (I know it's not a competition!) so here are some of the results of her classes:

Aren't they good?  Now, we have the odd differences of opinion when it comes to fabric choices but she is much more accurate than me and is showing me a thing or two.  Carol's also finished her first full quilt, using a free pattern from

if you look hard enough you can see Laughing Boy's legs!

Pretty neat, huh?

My mum and dad came down for a visit this weekend (thank you guys  it was lovely to have you) and mama p asked me to make a bag for her friend's 70th birthday.  [Her friend is also called Carol - I'm sensing a theme!]  So, despite the ongoing mojo negotiations, a truce was called and we rustled up a bag using a small satchel pattern from Keyka Lou in the time that it took Scotland to valiantly grab defeat from the jaws of victory against England in the rugby.
expertly ironed and modelled by mama p
I think this is the first thing I have made all year!  And, you know, it wasn't so bad......

Thursday, 3 March 2011

sewing buddy

Apologies for the radio silence over the past month or so.  My sewing mojo and I are currently not on speaking terms - mojo decided she needed a break from me for a while.  I think she's planning to return and hopefully soon, as I kinda miss my mojo *sniff*.  In her bsence, I've even gone on a bit of a fabric buying diet - now that's been a real shock to my system (although not my bank balance!)

In the meantime, I signed up to Whipstich's Sewing Buddy Project 2011. 

Basically, you sign up and get paired up with someone who you can collaborate with to create some neat stuff.  My sewing buddy is called Sara and she not only has her own cool blog ( but also has an etsy shop ( We've only just started to talk via email but she sounds like a real doll (and thinks I've got a lovely turn of phrase *blushing in agreement* - who am I to disagree?!). I have a feeling that Sara will encourage my sewing mojo to get back, get back, get back to where it once belonged sharpish - fingers crossed as my "to do" list isn't getting any shorter!