Finished Quilts

Saturday, 25 September 2010

on a (ruby) roll..... on the heels of Connal's quilt being done and dusted, I've finally finished the quilt top and back of the ruby anniversary quilt and have just started to baste the sandwich (is it just me or does that sound rude?!).  So a work in progress photo for you all to enjoy....

needs a little more smoothing out then I'm in with the pins!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

I finally finished something!

After weeks of not being able to get things done, I have finally finished Connell's quilt. 

thanks to Laughing Boy for helping to "model" them

Simple straight line quilting (still not got the courage to try free motion!) and disasterous corners (made a school boy error but had a eureka moment half way down the M1 when I realised what I'd done wrong). All washed and crinkly and ready to send to Connell and his mum.  A big thanks to those who commented on Fat Quarterly as this really helped me piece the back and finish the thing.  It's about 40" by 52" I think.  I hope the decapitated animals don't cause nightmares  :-/

Finally, something OFF the list rather than on it (although this week I added another quilt to the list!)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

sunday stash #3

Things are a bit of a blur at the moment - life is moving fast...I mean it's the middle of September already!  Unfortunately this has had an effect on my lofty sewing ambitions - nothing has been achieved in the last week or so except buying more fabric and adding new things to my MUST DO list.

I saw this version of AMH's socialite dress

and decided there and then not just to make one for myself (obviously I'll wear mine with a cardigan) but to make one for the luscious Mrs R's birthday.  Fortunately I managed to find the material (AMH's drwaing room) at a great price and bought a heap of it.  I also decided that since I've never even contemplated such a feat, that I should make the dress in muslin first to check I can actually do it before cutting up the fabric.  I'm getting sensible in my waning years :-).  I'm hoping that making this dress will give me legs like this! Fingers crossed x