Finished Quilts

Friday, 30 December 2011

cheerybye 2011

Well, what a year it has been!  Not a stellar year for sewing and crafty stuff in general - a bit of a wash out to be fair.  But I guess I have other things to worry about.  Who knew this time last year that I would be married with an angelic little boy now?  Life is a little crazy huh?  2011 has been one of the best years ever -

  • young Hamish has turned everything on its head in the best way..

I know that I am biased but he is truly amazing.  Funny, beautiful (with red hair, his dad's eyes and my cheeks - a winning combination!), sometimes overly generous with his poo, a delight and a great sleeper(!). Laughing Boy and I are so looking forward to watching him grow up and to the adventures we will have.
  • hanging out with people we love back in June in Edinburgh... 

It is a truism that wedding days go too quickly and I would love to do it again just to talk to those who I couldn't spend as much time with as I would have liked.  Thank you to all of you who made the day so special and accepted the short notice!

I am not good with making new friends but have met some really lovely new mums who have been super friendly and supportive and who appear to love cake as much as I do, always a bonus :). 

  • getting back in touch with old friends...
You have GOT to love Skype. It has enabled me to see and talk with the delightful Ms Williamson in NZ as well as letting the family back home keep in touch with the wee man.  I've also been fortunate to reconnect better with the lovely ladies from my Glasgow Uni days who have been proper chuffed with my 2011 adventures, which has warmed me cockles no end. And Sharks... you and your girls are beautiful!  I want to see you all in person, which may not be feasible given where y'all are but hopefully we can keep in touch via other means.

  • buying fabric never getting boring or sidetracked by events... highlights include
had to buy these - they are called Moira!  From Lotta Jandotter's collection bought from Alice's shop Backstitch
Image of Bee nighlite
Melody Miller can do no wrong as far as I am concerned - from Kate at Misformake
There was so much more! *hangs head*  I also bought some patterns as I'm keen to start making my own clothes, including..
from Colette Patterns - just the pattern book alone is too cute!
apologies again for the rubbish photo quailty
I'm going to make it using this really lovely Liberty fabric I got from this year's Festival of quilts back in August - my ONLY fabric purchase there.  I think we'll have to go for two days next year!

Now I'm thinking bout the coming year and what that will bring.  I'm guessing it won't be as life changing but I will be going back to work in the summer and the amazing adventures of Hamish continue apace.  I need to get my head back into sewing and am finalising a "to do" wish list to help me get back on the crafty bus.  I'll finish it off and share it with the world soon!

OK, enough procrastination - back to my final assignment for my PGCERT.  This is top of the"must do" list!