Finished Quilts

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sparkling in lurgy land

I've had a super productive week and have no idea where it came from!  I went on a baking binge and make boozy brownies based on a recipe on the rather sumptuous raspberri cupcakes blog.  I recommend a wee look at this site, if only to marvel at the gorgeous photos of cake.  Then came gingerbread cupcakes with salted caramel butter icing from BBC Food - OM flipping G they were awesome! And finally an old Scottish stalwart, chocolate crispies, in homage to my mumma.  All were made for the lovely pilates mums who came round on Friday to taste test.  Laughing Boy and I are manfully working our way through the left overs - cake for breakfast, I should coco!

The weekend came and my boys were solidly ensconced in lurgy land with man/boy flu (and a bit of gunky eye for the wee man).  So with them parked on the couch watching footie, I did a bit of sewing and managed to finish most of the cutting for me Sparkle Punch and starting sewing the blocks.  Here's the start of a potential arrangement....

I'm not entirely comfortable with wonky but this quilt might help me with that.  I don't think this is the final arrangement but it's not bad.  I am wondering whether I need another colour, maybe an orangey fabric.  But I'll crack on and see how it looks when all the stars are arranged.  I'm quite excited about how this will look.  I have NO idea how to quilt it though.....

As part of my plan to make as many pressies as possible this year, I also made the kindle covers I cut out fabric for last week.

not quite centred buttons!

Bit chuffed with these and they were dead easy to make (eventually!).  One lesson I learned when making these was that having a cheeky wee glass of wine before cranking up the sewing machine may cause extended use of the seam ripper!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

on the mat

During the week I came to the realisation that I hate cutting up fabric not just because I worry about ruining my precious, but also because it is so TEDIOUS!  Using the floor as a table doesn't help of course.  So taking advantage of Laughing Boy and the wee man's love of football (it's never too early apparently), I decided to bite the bullet and have spent all afternoon cutting up fabric for my Sparkle Punch quilt. I've also made a decision to try to make (rather than buy) as many birthday gifts as I can this year, which hopefully will fit into my target of completing at least one thing every month. So whilst I was in the cutting mood, I also cut up some rather fabulous Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining to make Kindle covers for my mum and aunty Weezy (I'm gonna line them with some Lotta Jansdottir Echo fabric called Moira!)

And here are the fruits of my labours.....

kindle covers in progress....
sparkle punched!
This week, I will get Bertha ready for a big sew-down!

Wee man update - a bad reaction to his third set of injections meant an unhappy, poorly and highly feverish bunny Friday/Saturday.  Fever broke early Sunday morning and we have had smiles and chuckles for much of today - phew.  To the power of Calpol!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sparkle Punch Logic

OK, I've been stuck in my back bedroom AKA the guest wing AKA the study AKA the sewing room all weekend so far.  The "official" reason has been the need to complete a university assignment before next week so I can go to Amsterdam at the weekend for the Tulip's b-day bash with a clear conscience.  However, always one for procrastination, I have also taken the opportunity to go through my fabric stash to choose what to use for the Sparkle Punch QAL mentioned in my previous post.  I best not offer a breakdown of how long has been spent on fabric selection and how long has been spent on writing up!

I've really struggled to choose fabric though. I think my troubles started when I decided who I wanted to gift the quilt to - that added a whole dimension regarding their personal taste and I didn't want to chat to them about it mainly because it is a surprise gift. Also they live in France and are currently building a new house so it's not easy to pop over to check out colour schemes. I worry so much about what other people will think of my choices and this particular colour palette is new to me.  The problem also stems from my fear of cutting fabric... it's so pretty and I don't want to ruin it!

After whinging to my lovely sister anniep, she told me to stop over thinking it and just trust myself.  Wise words from a wise lady.   At first I wanted to to do a red and white quilt but it soon became clear that my stash doesn't reach that far.  I struggled for inspiration until I spied this box on top of the wardrobe.....

Orla Kiely, obvs!
and chose the following......

so we're talking  Kona Snow with some Amy Butler, Momo Freebird, Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley and Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow (that may not end up in the final quilt).  Thoughts?  I wanted to choose fabrics with small designs but haven't really followed my own brief on that. Things may change as I make up the first blocks but I think it will be ok.  Haven't even thought about the back yet....

Having re-read Elizabeth's instructions I don't think I have enough Kona Snow so I'm gonna have to break my own rule and buy some fabric for this quilt - might go for a slightly darker neutral (deny the Snow?!).  But I did have some wine this weekend so that makes it ok, right?  Punch drunk logic :)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Quilt along? Why I don't mind if I do!

Whilst musing about a wish list for things to achieve in 2012, I saw that Elizabeth from Oh Fransson! is running a Quilt Along for the new year -  I've thought about joining quilt alongs before and even sort of started the Single Girl QAL hosted by Katy et al this time last year before morning sickness kicked in and sewing pretty much ceased for the year.

So I've decided to challenge myself to start AND complete this one, although it may not be completed in the timeline outlined by Elizabeth (realistic goals are the new black around here :)).  Here's what her quilt looks like and what I hope mine will at least bear some reference to:

beautiful huh?
I think I've decided who will be getting the finished quilt too, although that will depend on how it turns out.  So, my first job is to choose what fabrics to use, without buying anything new for it. That is almost as hard as staying off the booze for the whole of January!  That's my weekend sorted then.....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

small blog meet

The lovely Lynne over at Lily's Quilts hosts a regular small blogs meet to help those of us crazy enough to put our crafty thoughts online meet each other
Small Blog Meet

Well, having skulked round the edges for a while, I decided to join in today.  I love careering round the interweb looking at what everyone gets up to so it's a fun thing to do on New Year's Day, especially as I have a stinking cold and no energy to do much else!

I also decided to link up with Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day:
Fresh Sewing Day

Although I have aready done a run down of 2011 and owned up to not being very productive last year, I did finish one quilt:

and made some bags but only remembered to take a photo of two!:

and some stuff for the wee man:

Not much for a year so I'm currently planning my 2012 making things wish list....