Finished Quilts

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sparkling in lurgy land

I've had a super productive week and have no idea where it came from!  I went on a baking binge and make boozy brownies based on a recipe on the rather sumptuous raspberri cupcakes blog.  I recommend a wee look at this site, if only to marvel at the gorgeous photos of cake.  Then came gingerbread cupcakes with salted caramel butter icing from BBC Food - OM flipping G they were awesome! And finally an old Scottish stalwart, chocolate crispies, in homage to my mumma.  All were made for the lovely pilates mums who came round on Friday to taste test.  Laughing Boy and I are manfully working our way through the left overs - cake for breakfast, I should coco!

The weekend came and my boys were solidly ensconced in lurgy land with man/boy flu (and a bit of gunky eye for the wee man).  So with them parked on the couch watching footie, I did a bit of sewing and managed to finish most of the cutting for me Sparkle Punch and starting sewing the blocks.  Here's the start of a potential arrangement....

I'm not entirely comfortable with wonky but this quilt might help me with that.  I don't think this is the final arrangement but it's not bad.  I am wondering whether I need another colour, maybe an orangey fabric.  But I'll crack on and see how it looks when all the stars are arranged.  I'm quite excited about how this will look.  I have NO idea how to quilt it though.....

As part of my plan to make as many pressies as possible this year, I also made the kindle covers I cut out fabric for last week.

not quite centred buttons!

Bit chuffed with these and they were dead easy to make (eventually!).  One lesson I learned when making these was that having a cheeky wee glass of wine before cranking up the sewing machine may cause extended use of the seam ripper!


  1. I think a pop of orange in the quilt would look great!!

    1. thanks Tara. I've dug out jyst the right one I think so will add to the mix