Finished Quilts

Sunday, 5 February 2012

UFO sighting

The weatherman was right, it did snow last night.

not really bbq weather
But the sun has been out all day so it's slowly melting.  Could that be it for snow this year?

Yesterday was spent indoors in anticipation of the snow coming and so I was able to try to finish the blocks for the Sparkle Punch QAL....
just these last ones to finish off and press
It's taking me aaaaaaages and I have wondered how (clearly more devoted) quilters can knock out their beauties so quickly.  It's not a competition, I know but should I be this slow?  Actually, not wanting to be so hard on myself, I have seen others note how long each quilt took to piece etc and so I think in future I'll keep a record just to see if I am a slow coach or not.

One of my new mum friends has asked me to make a quilt for her littl'un and we were pulling out fabric from my stash on Friday when I cam across this UFO....

It's made from the "offcuts" of the flying geese used to make the ruby ruby ruby quilt a long while ago.  I remember working on this before I got preggo so it's been hanging around to be finished for well over a year now - in fact I blogged about working on it in October 2010!  I still have some blocks to piece together but I now have a hankering to finish it. 

I also received two of these in the post this week from

Antique Bronze Grace Kelly Purse Frame
graceful kelly bag frame

A couple of birthday pressies will be made with these using Lisa's free pattern -  My to-do list is growing and it doesn't freak me out :)


  1. Love your UFO and look forward to seeing it all finished :)

  2. love your ufo - you need to get that finished!