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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WIP Wednesday...

Today, I'm linking up (for the first time) with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It's a great way of keeping track of what you're up to (or not!).  I think the general format is to talk about any finishes, work(s) in progress and projects that have not progressed at all.  So here goes:

Finishes = 0

Sparkle Punch QAL = I have finally laid out all the pieces and hope that it works.  It was a lot harder choosing where to put everything than I had anticipated.  Here's the final layout:

taken standing on the sofa so apologies for the shoogly nature of it!
I don't have the patience to play around too much and kind of think that this is ok.  I'm glad I added the orange Joel Dewberry in.  So next job is to start sewing this sucker together.  Sharp intake of breath!  The good news is that I think I know how I'm gonna quilt this beast - huzzah!

Kitty's quilt = I finished the quilt top I am making for a friend's daughter and here it is:

no laughing boy's legs this time!
Simple but effective I think.  I used my 1/4" foot for the first time sewing this baby together and it is GENIUS! Why have I left it so late to start using it?  There are actually some pretty sharp corners in this *chuffed face*.  I hope she likes it - they are on holiday for a couple of weeks so I'll have to wait until they get back before getting the verdict.

No Progress
Lolo's quilt = Now I have found the 1/4" foot, I will crack on with this quilt although may end up ripping out what I have done so far - blinking wonky seams!

P's laptop case = I think that this may be a this weekend project, although I'm planning to go to the Maggie's centre on Saturday so I'll see if I have time.

UFO sighting = I WILL finish this soon, maybe next week.....

A kindle case for my littlest sister
A quilt for the wee man
To finish a skirt I started two years ago


  1. Both of your quilts look great!

  2. I just love the sparkle punch quilt - I really want to make one myself. It's on my someday list for sure, once I get the rest of my WIPs in shape.
    Both your quilts are well done - I'm glad you linked up so we could see them!

  3. I love your sparkle punch quilt! I have fabric to make one, and I can't wait. Yours is amazing! Thanks for sharing :-D

    PS - would you please consider disabling your word verification?

    1. word verification now removed (they don't make it easy!)

  4. What cute quilts you have. But it suits not for men :).

  5. Oooh, Kitty's Quilt is gorgeous, I love the fabrics, especially the purples, and the circles running through the fabrics really pulls it together!