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Monday, 6 February 2012

One Week, One Thing Challenge::10

I've decided to link up with Amy's creative side and her One Thing, One Week Challenge::10.

Amy's Creative Side

The plan is to make my sister P a cover for her laptop using these fabrics....

some Outside Oslo (Jessica Jones) and Circa50 (Monaluna)
My beautiful sister visited us last week and chose the fabrics herself (well agreed with the Outside Oslo and chose the Circa50 for the lining.  I want to use wide ribbon as the closure which will involve a large buttonhole type thingy, which I have never attempted before.  I hope I can get this done this week - it's Laughing Boy's 40th bday and so a couple of days are lost to me.  I'm also about to start with a keep fit group called the Little Black Dress Workout, run by my pregnancy Pilates instructor Claire.  For me it's not so much Litle Black Dress as needing to do up my trousers without corned beef muffin toppage!  So fingers crossed that I can fit this bit of sewing in. 

The good news is that Day 2 of the wee man's new regime (i.e. going for his daytime naps in his cot rather than snuggling into his mum) is going quite well.  He managed 10 minutes this morning and has now been asleep for half an hour so far this afternoon - I'm doing huge "woop woooops" in my head right now.  Early days, small steps etc but it might give me a chance to at least get lunch and maybe fit in some sewing too.  Bless his massive cheeks!

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