Finished Quilts

Sunday, 23 February 2014


I tempted fate this week.  My new boss asked me how everything was going and I said that no-one was sick so it was all good.  Next day, the boys both started hacking and sneezing and then passed it on to me.  I did manage some sewing before it fully kicked in...

First up, Sue's Bumbling Honeys block.  I'm pretty chuffed with most of the points on this one

Unfortunately, my pride came before a fall.  I sent everything back to Sue with a note saying that I didn't need to use her flying geese templates cos I rock and made them for this block a different way.  Block done before the end of the month...what's not to be chuffed about.  Except in the depths of a flu sweat last night I realised I was meant to make the flying geese AS WELL as this block.  I'm such a dope.  Sorry Sue (she has been really kind about my dopiness).

Anyway, next up were a couple of angel blocks for Betty in the QATWII swap.  Nightmare scenario - all of her blocks made it around the world but got lost on the final leg back to her.  So, this first one was also a nightmare due to my maths fail (which is shaming because I manage a maths education project).  I walked away from it for the night and came back next day, added a border and it was finally a 12.5" block.

rubbish night time photos
This next one was started and finished during the first episode of the new series of the Great British Sewing Bee.  I erred on the side of caution and used a block pattern from the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop book..

It worked and I  like it!

One of my friends is 39 weeks pregnant and clearly needed a divided basket for all the nappy gubbins so I knocked this up on Wednesday whilst Laughing Boy was getting depressed and sicker at the football....

 I ran out of fabric for the divider bit but fortunately had it in another colourway and it worked out really well.  I'm not good at baby baby things so wanted to make something that could be used post baby needs, hence the more sober exterior.  She loved it, thankfully.  And another friend has just announced that baby #2 is on the way so I see another of these on the cards.

It was certainly easier than the first one, which was made at an EMMQG sewing day at Bradmore last September, which brings me nicely to yesterday.... another fabulous EMMQG sewing day at Bradmore! Lovely ladies, lovely cake, lovely soup, lovely biscuits, lovely chat. I forgot to take many photos but there were some lovely quilts on show.  Ange (and bump) turned up to try out Kerry's new machine...

I was working on Catherine's Komebukuro bag, which I promised to pattern test for her ages ago (sorry I'm so late to this one, C).  She arranged for Ali at veryberryhandmade to send me a gorgeous pack of liberty lawn scraps....

I got one full side and one 3/4 side done...

I am a slow sewista but my cold also slowed me down.  By 8pm last night, I was in bed with three duvets and a quilt and blocks of ice for feet.  I think the worst has past but what I wouldn't give for a germ-free month...come on March, help us out!

Any advice on avoiding the lurgy would be most welcome!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

got any grapes?

Thank you to the lovely Catherine for asking me to host this month's Slow Blogger linky party. It has been just the kick up the hoogie push I needed to get some sewing done and write about it :)

So January was a bit of a wipe out, sewing wise. I am  ready to get back on the horse, so to speak. Although I complain about them a lot, bee blocks have been a great way back into the land of sewing.  I'm late delivering Liz's Bumbling Honeys blocks but they are now done.  The first one took me nearly 3 hours to do as I seemed to have completely forgotten everything - the mind was blank, the sewing machine was a stranger.....

note to self: take a photo before you starch and fold the blocks for sending
I was literally like a complete beginner and there is one wonky seam that screams "loser" at me.  But in the spirit of Being Gentle, I just shrug and say "whatevs" back at it.

The second block whizzed up in no time...

I think Liz is going to have a fab quilt.

On Wednesday I had a lovely evening with Tanya, Hannah and Lizzy learning how to sew shirring.  No photos but I love it.  I might just shirr everything from now on!

Today, Laughing Boy is taking the wee man on many errands so I am able to have a day sewing #myvalentine.  I have a date with some hair dye and a bee block for Sue as well as a plan

So lovelies, what have you been up to this past month?

PS.  This is what kept the wee man entertained when he was poorly a couple of weeks ago.  It made me laugh.....