Finished Quilts

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

the very dib dab!

Check out what I've just won!

It's a bundle of Sherbert Pips fat quarters through the lovely Rita's blog anniversary giveway.  Rita's blog is a real inspiration for me and I had already used one of her patterns to make the ruby ruby ruby quilt.  This collection has been hotly anticipated by fabric junkies across the world and my mother in law is now one of them!  We may be sharing the loot :-)

Well, my aim to "sew, sew, sew" now that I've got the nausea under control was a little premature. I have nearly finished binding JoJo's quilt and nearly finished a couple of bags that are gifts (with two more to go before next week).  "Nearly" seems to be my watchword at the moment.  Oh and I've started a playmat quilt (to be fair I've done one block!) 

I'm trying not to be too hard on myself because, not people to do things by halves, Laughing Boy and I have decided to get married!  It's ok - we gave ourselves 10 weeks to organise it all.  8 weeks to go before a small wedding at Lothian Chambers in Edinburgh.  Of course, as most of you know, my family means that small isn't necessarily small!  So perhaps I can be forgiven for not jumping right back on the sewing horse with full focus. 

It's been a bit of a year so far....  good times!