Finished Quilts

Saturday, 9 October 2010

ruby ruby ruby - AAAH AH AH AH AAAAH!

Laughing boy doing the honours again
 It was started in April as a gift for Laughing Boy's parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Decided to try flying geese using red pepper quilts pattern.  Much fabric was cut.  Most rejected by MIL so back to the cutting board (and fabric shops!).  The request was for a plain red back even after quilting!  So I needed to use a red thread to quilt it with - decided to stitch in the ditch around each triangle.  This was pretty successful, although every time I got a little cocky and thought "this is going well" I'd head off into the kona snow!  I'm still getting used to handling a big quilt through my machine.  It was easier when we moved the room around aI got more space to work.  Still, it looks not back from the back!

not sure you can see much, but my new floor looks good huh?

I'm quite chuffed - the quilting is a bit wonky, the geese aren't entirely flying in formation, sewing red binding onto a red back with red thread was a challenge, the batting I used was a bit rubbish (expensive rubbish at that), the design changed a gazillion times - but despite all that, I'm quite chuffed.  Laughing Boy told me it was my best yet!  *looks at feet, blushing*

Jamie giving ruby the once over (and me the evil eye!)
Using the Red Pepper Quilts method for flying geese means I have lots of half square triangles left over and I'm about to sew them together for my next quilting adventure (JoJo - you may get your quilt before your 40th!).


  1. I bloody love it-the colours are fantastic and I'm so envious of your perfect geometry. I've only even braved plain squares and even then they end up wonky. Your quilt is a work of art.
    I bow down and worship the quilting Goddess that is Moira
    Love the name too.
    Jo x

  2. aah thanks but it's by no means perfect, Jo. And I made friends with the seam ripper on this one!

  3. M
    that's amazing, beautiful colours and it looks perfection from the back AND the front lady!

    Don't know how you have the patience!

    Luise xoxox

  4. just amazing - v proud of you. You are getting that colour thing my lady....Anniepx

  5. It's wonderful! I love how you've added the border, and of course the quilting - awesome!

  6. Easy on the eye and warmly delicious. Lucky MiL.


  7. Don't be so hard on yourself! Most people (even long-time quilters) wouldn't notice what you do in your own quilt. My rule is, "Can you see it from a galloping horse?"