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Monday, 25 October 2010

ice cream for grace may.....

To some, mixing ice cream with stash could be a great Friday night in but those years are behind me now ;)  An older and wiser kettleboiler has decided to make a birthday present for her gorgeous niece, Grace May, as a 1st birthday gift.  So I found the right pattern
from an Oliver & S pattern
.. and yesterday went through my stash to find some suitable fabric.  This is especially difficult given Grace May's mumma is a very talented artist who has in the past accused me of erring on the side of Goth when it comes to choosing clothes for the littl'un.  So having hauled everything out of the cupboard (Laughing Boy's nerves were in shreds as he'd just done a proper tidy up - "this place is a TIP!" was the general thread of conversation over the weekend), this is what I finally came up with....

still not getting any better, photography-wise
Cut things out (as you can see), although I forgot to cut the bottom pieces and am going to do the pockets in a different way so will cut out some more of them. And I realised that I don't have any matching thread so have had to order some from tinterweb. I'm nothing if not disorganised!

Anyway, thoughts?  Am I still channelling EMOgirl?

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