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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

WIP-ing it

So loft guys are due today and I've got workmen sorting out our drains yesterday and today (lots of drilling, tea making and smells!).  Oh, and I decided to experiment on the broken dishwasher just to check that it's actually still broken, so have spent much of the early morning clearing the flood on the kitchen floor.  All conducive to writing this week's lecture presentation and notes.  So to keep my mind off things for a couple of minutes, I've been taking these....

the "extras" from ruby quilt

and planning a 30th b-day quilt for Miss J (that's only about 6 months late already).  Am thinking about something like this:

currently using my bed as a design wall - not the cleverest thing I've done!
there are a number of blocks you can make using half square triangles so I might take some photos of alternative designs and give you all a vote!   The back on this one will include some material from some of littlelegs' old clothes so it's not going to be as straightforward as I'm used to.  Already depressed at the amount of ironing/pressing that I'll need to do...still, looking forward to cracking on with it.

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