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Monday, 4 October 2010

sunday stash #4

I'ma very lucky girl.  Having managed to persuade Laughing Boy to convert the guest bedroom into a sewing room, we set about doing this on Saturday.  The old bed frame (which was being held up by the boxes under the bed!) went to the tip, furniture was moved around and the cupboard reorganised.  We knew that the people who owned our house before us painted around their furniture but it surprised us again to see the walls and skirting boards in different shades of magnolia marking where their stuff had been - bizarre!  Not decorated by us yet as we have had enough of decorating for this year.  We are planning to add a sofa bed incase any visitors don't like the mattress and airbed but again that's one next year's list. 

And so onto sunday's stash - another purchase from fabricworm (fabby online US shop)

Too cute but I have absolutely no idea what to make with these....

[note to self: stop impulse buying fabric!]

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