Finished Quilts

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Quilt along? Why I don't mind if I do!

Whilst musing about a wish list for things to achieve in 2012, I saw that Elizabeth from Oh Fransson! is running a Quilt Along for the new year -  I've thought about joining quilt alongs before and even sort of started the Single Girl QAL hosted by Katy et al this time last year before morning sickness kicked in and sewing pretty much ceased for the year.

So I've decided to challenge myself to start AND complete this one, although it may not be completed in the timeline outlined by Elizabeth (realistic goals are the new black around here :)).  Here's what her quilt looks like and what I hope mine will at least bear some reference to:

beautiful huh?
I think I've decided who will be getting the finished quilt too, although that will depend on how it turns out.  So, my first job is to choose what fabrics to use, without buying anything new for it. That is almost as hard as staying off the booze for the whole of January!  That's my weekend sorted then.....


  1. Ah well a weekend of choosing fabrics ... could be worse right!? Very pretty quilt I look forward to seeing your fabric choices!

  2. No booze and no Fabric buying - TORTURE!!!!;0) Looking forward to seeing your picks.