Finished Quilts

Sunday, 22 January 2012

on the mat

During the week I came to the realisation that I hate cutting up fabric not just because I worry about ruining my precious, but also because it is so TEDIOUS!  Using the floor as a table doesn't help of course.  So taking advantage of Laughing Boy and the wee man's love of football (it's never too early apparently), I decided to bite the bullet and have spent all afternoon cutting up fabric for my Sparkle Punch quilt. I've also made a decision to try to make (rather than buy) as many birthday gifts as I can this year, which hopefully will fit into my target of completing at least one thing every month. So whilst I was in the cutting mood, I also cut up some rather fabulous Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining to make Kindle covers for my mum and aunty Weezy (I'm gonna line them with some Lotta Jansdottir Echo fabric called Moira!)

And here are the fruits of my labours.....

kindle covers in progress....
sparkle punched!
This week, I will get Bertha ready for a big sew-down!

Wee man update - a bad reaction to his third set of injections meant an unhappy, poorly and highly feverish bunny Friday/Saturday.  Fever broke early Sunday morning and we have had smiles and chuckles for much of today - phew.  To the power of Calpol!


  1. Gorgeous Kindle covers - I love the new Melody Miller line. Glad you wee man is on the mend :)

  2. love the fabric for the kindle (and for the sparkle as well)