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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sparkle Punch Logic

OK, I've been stuck in my back bedroom AKA the guest wing AKA the study AKA the sewing room all weekend so far.  The "official" reason has been the need to complete a university assignment before next week so I can go to Amsterdam at the weekend for the Tulip's b-day bash with a clear conscience.  However, always one for procrastination, I have also taken the opportunity to go through my fabric stash to choose what to use for the Sparkle Punch QAL mentioned in my previous post.  I best not offer a breakdown of how long has been spent on fabric selection and how long has been spent on writing up!

I've really struggled to choose fabric though. I think my troubles started when I decided who I wanted to gift the quilt to - that added a whole dimension regarding their personal taste and I didn't want to chat to them about it mainly because it is a surprise gift. Also they live in France and are currently building a new house so it's not easy to pop over to check out colour schemes. I worry so much about what other people will think of my choices and this particular colour palette is new to me.  The problem also stems from my fear of cutting fabric... it's so pretty and I don't want to ruin it!

After whinging to my lovely sister anniep, she told me to stop over thinking it and just trust myself.  Wise words from a wise lady.   At first I wanted to to do a red and white quilt but it soon became clear that my stash doesn't reach that far.  I struggled for inspiration until I spied this box on top of the wardrobe.....

Orla Kiely, obvs!
and chose the following......

so we're talking  Kona Snow with some Amy Butler, Momo Freebird, Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley and Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow (that may not end up in the final quilt).  Thoughts?  I wanted to choose fabrics with small designs but haven't really followed my own brief on that. Things may change as I make up the first blocks but I think it will be ok.  Haven't even thought about the back yet....

Having re-read Elizabeth's instructions I don't think I have enough Kona Snow so I'm gonna have to break my own rule and buy some fabric for this quilt - might go for a slightly darker neutral (deny the Snow?!).  But I did have some wine this weekend so that makes it ok, right?  Punch drunk logic :)


  1. love your fabric choices for the quilt, cant wait to see how it turns out