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Sunday, 12 September 2010

sunday stash #3

Things are a bit of a blur at the moment - life is moving fast...I mean it's the middle of September already!  Unfortunately this has had an effect on my lofty sewing ambitions - nothing has been achieved in the last week or so except buying more fabric and adding new things to my MUST DO list.

I saw this version of AMH's socialite dress

and decided there and then not just to make one for myself (obviously I'll wear mine with a cardigan) but to make one for the luscious Mrs R's birthday.  Fortunately I managed to find the material (AMH's drwaing room) at a great price and bought a heap of it.  I also decided that since I've never even contemplated such a feat, that I should make the dress in muslin first to check I can actually do it before cutting up the fabric.  I'm getting sensible in my waning years :-).  I'm hoping that making this dress will give me legs like this! Fingers crossed x

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  1. Looks fabulous - great material and great look. Cannae wait!