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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday Stash #2

I was wide awake at 8am this morning and for those who know me, you will understand that is the middle of the night for me on a Sunday.  I woke up listing all of the crafty things I wanted to do this holiday weekend. The list included:
  • finally finishing the quilting on Connell's quilt
  • basting the ruby anniversary quilt
  • starting two new quilts (belated 30th b-day pressie for Jo and hobbit housewarming pressie for the luscious LoLo)
  • making myself a skirt
  • starting to make a bag (inspired by the new book by the lovely Lisa from U-handbag)
  • making dresses for my nieces and god-daughter
  • making coasters to protect our new wood floors
  • making scarves from old linen trousers and some fabby AMH voile
  • cutting out the pattern to make myself a dress using the liberty fabric I bought last week 
  • etc, etc, etc
Pretty unrealistic for a day and half's work (nothing gets done before the end of the Archers omnibus!).   Laughing Boy advised that I concentrate on finishing what I'd already started before starting something new - I think he was fed up with the constant finger in the ribs!  I tried to finish quilting Connel's quilt - nearly finished but have run out of thread!  So I'm now looking at cutting out the pattern for the a-line skirt that I dreamt about last night.  Never done anything like that before but have some lovely Echino farbic that I want to use.....

Bought from M is for make

I'm making up the pattern myself so have to take my own measurements.  This may throw me into a deep depression rather than a creative frenzy, but there's always a wee glass of wine to take the edge off!  Wish me luck :-p

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