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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

girl, interrupted...

That's right.  I am Winona or should that be Angelina? I don't think I'm Brittany.  Anyway, basically I can't sew at the moment as we're getting new floor laid downstairs so half of downstairs is now upstairs, penning in my Bertha and meaning that there is no space to sew.  I didn't think it would be an issue really but I've really struggled with finding alternative things to do, especially as most of the alternative things are also behind boxes and furniture.  Sitting on deck chairs and eating off our laps have also lost their thrill.

I am on a self-imposed deadline to finish a couple of quilts before heading north.

Quilt#4 ruby wedding present for the in-laws
(needs a good ironing!)

This has been a real labour of love and I have embraced the seam ripper!  The number of times I have sewed and then ripped apart these babies.....  Well, I finally finished the top and now I just need to sandwich, quilt and bind.  I need the new wooden floors to help me do this so I need to be patient.

Quilt #5 connell's quilt
Connell is my friend Yvonne's little one and I finished this quilt top a while ago.

I have just been struggling to choose backing fabric for it.  I was even featured as the first of Fat Quarterly's Agony Aunt feature.  I have bought loads of fabric as I keep changing my mind but I now know what I want to do....I just can't do it at the moment! 

Floor guys are back this afternoon to finish off so fingers crossed we can get back to normal by the weekend and Bertha can come out of hiding and we can get cracking on finishing these babies!

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  1. Quilt Ruby, Ruby,Ruby... aha,aha,aha.....