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Sunday, 7 November 2010

crash and burn!(....sort of)

Riding high in the fabby comments I received from fellow Blogger Quilt festivalers for Ruby cubed, and in an effort to finish off the living room that we've been working on pretty much all year, I dived into making curtains for this first time last weekend.  Bolstered by a lunchtime glass of pinot grigio (probably not my best decision!), I cut and sewed up the first curtain and then hung it up unhemmed, awaiting the crowd going mad and wild applause. It was at this point I realised that the 3 inches of fabric I just cut off WAS my hem and then some.  D'OH!!! Instead of being floor length, it was mid skirting board length, which I am telling myself is soooooo next season.
I'm not brave enough to show the hem yet!
 Anyway, after a week of licking my wounds, I'll make the partner curtain today and hem the b*ggers to a suitable fashion forward length *kicking self hard*

So after Laughing Boy talking me out of putting Bertha the sewing machine on ebay, I decided to jump on a long departed bandwagon and make some mug rugs.

I heart echino!

once again apols for the photography
They are so much fun and I'm hoping will bring out my more experimental side (dare I say improv?).  I was hoping to try out free motion quilting on them as they are a cute size but after a disasterous attempt yesterday, maybe that's a step too far at the moment.

Finally, after much hesitation, I jumped in and made the ice cream dress for Lady G. It took me ALL day , invovled french seams (my choice) and required a couple of seam retakes but ta-dah........

pretty chuffed :)

This seems to be a post of firsts.  My first curtain, mug rug and dress...oh and my first ever french seams!  Lessons include thinking harder about starting a project (with expensive fabric) after a pub lunch, reading the instructions properly and being happy about being a small part of a great online community.

Bracing myself for curtains Round 2!


  1. I'm sure the curtains will look great.. as long as they cover the window what does it matter :) My curtains are still hanging unhemmed after about a year lol oops!And I love the ice cream dress!

  2. Love the dress - its gorgeous!! And love everything else too!! Well done


  3. I keep thinking of you whenever I pass a quilt, quilting shop, quilting magazine - they're mad for it over here. We went to a Shaker Village last week and their number one fund raising prize was, you guessed it, a quilt!!