Finished Quilts

Monday, 20 August 2012


So having procrastinated for long enough, it was time to jump in and start making the blocks for my Brit Quilt 3 swap mini quilt.  Having stalked my quite quiet secret partner, I decided I needed to cut into my (bought aaaages ago) stash of Innocent Crush by AMH.  I was also obsessing about the feather quilt AMH showed at the Quilt Market and decided to combine the two.  Now, I googled like mad for a pattern or template but to no avail so I had to reverse engineer the block from a photo hence the level of procrastination.  Despite the lack of concrete stitching, I dreamt about how to make this block nearly every night for two weeks and finally enough was enough.

mini version - working it all out
final string blocks - working out where to cut to make more feather like
So after lots of head scratching, fabric wasting and unpicking,  I made my first block...

(although it does look a little like a Zoom ice lolly!)
I used some of the Klona I bought from Alice Backstitch at the FoQ (natural I think) - I LOVE IT!

Despite Laughing Boy thinking it was a sail, I put it up on Flickr, all blushing with pride.  Then Linda pointed out that AMH has a pattern for the flipping thing on her blog!  D'oh!  My googling thought process didn't include checking out Anna Maria's own site #numptie.  Still, it's definitely all my own construction work and I did enjoy the "creative process" *shakes head, chuckles ruefully*

For those of you wanting the easy option here's a link to the proper pattern -

And here's the finished quilt top...

with backing fabric (also AMH Innocent Crush)
I have no idea how to quilt this baby.  I haven't FMQ'd in anger yet and I'm trying to convince myself now would be the time to start.  Any ideas?


  1. Angry FMQing, now thats something I would pay to see ;-). It looks great Moira and wel done for working it out on your own!

  2. These are great and I am very impressed that you managed to figure it all out methodically although I can understand your rage at finding that there was a pattern there all along! But now you can say it is 100% your creation. I am no FMQ expert so no idea whether anger helps or hinders. Maybe have a cup of tea first!

  3. One word: GORGEOUS!!!! Ok, a second word: AMAZING. I didn't know there was a pattern either and I LOVE those feathers :) Yum! FMQ in anger - careful --that might lead to seam ripper unpicking in sadness and frustration!!

  4. Oh well done! I am impressed, more so that you did it working it out yourself! Really lovely.

  5. Lovely work - frustrating that there was a pattern but it will be good experience for creating your own patterns in the future!
    I've done a wee bit of FMQ - I find a glass of wine helps a bit. I don't know how to quilt mine - I have a vision but unfortunately not the skills to bring it about so currently having a rethink! Just need to get my skates on!

  6. Wow you did a great job though before discovering there was a pattern!
    The feathers look great, your partner is super lucky!
    Maybe some echo quilting on it? =D

  7. Aargh! How annoying! They look fantastic, awesome job figuring it out! I've never tried angry FMQ - I think it'd be fun though ;o)

  8. Oh, isn't that just typical:-) Still they look really amazing and you know you worked them out by yourself, so I hope you're extra pleased with the result!

  9. Oh Moira it is so stunning!!! I love the feathers quilt too and have bookmarked the pattern. I ADORE Innocent Crush too! I have no idea about quilting, that's where I always get stumped! Check out some of Leah Days designs, although I'd be tempted to do organic straight lines so it doesn't take away from the feathers! Although something whimsical like clouds could look cool too. Ok I'm really tired and talking rubbish now but I really love reading your creative journey :)