Finished Quilts

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I'm sat sitting here feeling sorry for myself after a challenging day with the wee man.  At least today he didn't try to slide down the stairs on his knees (that didn't end well!).  To paraphrase Lloyd Bridges, I picked the wrong month to give up wine! [one for the kids there]  Of course, I've just read some blog posts that put my tough day into perspective. Life changing challenges, you know.

Some others have been blogging about a word that will frame their year.  So after a browse and a think, I realised that I am greedy and one word wouldn't cut it.  Something I saw on Pinterest last week has been circling around my head ever since and so this year my challenge is to try to do this....


So this year I will mostly be trying to do this in my crafty life and in general.  So the truth - I'm off the booze for at least the month and am doing the 30 day plank challenge #fearless?

I'm more downward dog than plank!
I've been sewing again, which helps and even though it's all about the bee blocks (still), I am catching up and making some nice stuff.

For lovely Kathie, a new Bumbling Honey...

only one lost corner!
Her blocks will be used to make a quilt for her son's teacher and I think it will be really pretty.

Then two lots of Friends With Additions blocks.  Now, we're only meant to give sneak peaks at the moment so I've been pixelating!  First up the blocks I made for JoJo....

pretty neat huh?
I'm a little concerned that the actual blocks don't look as good as their pixelated version!

And for Jen...

With this one,the pixelation doesn't really hide what it is!  #ochwell.

Off now to do Liz's log cabins and maybe a calming herbal tea #gentle


  1. I think if I had to pick one word for the year ahead it would be 'better'!! Hope things start to calm down for you, and you get some more sewing done :-)

  2. planking looks terrifying - good luck!

  3. If I tried to plank, I'd more likely plonk like the elephant. Happy New Year

  4. We all have those kind of days but they do pass. I once caught my boys sliding down the stairs on trays so knees are slower! I like your bee blocks. Now you have some 'me' sewing time. Good luck with the planking. I too would like the elephant! Di x

  5. The plank challenge looks evil! And the dryathon was obviously thought up by a non drinker! (I'm off the booze for January too! I think it will be a long month!)
    Brilliant phase for the year and something we could all do with remembering.
    As ever, I love reading your post Moira!

  6. That's a lovely, powerful quote. What a guy. Good luck with the dry January!

  7. Remind yourself occasionally that you are doing well. It's not easy planking and abstaining with a two year old ;) XXX

  8. I tried to give up drinking but it only really lasted a few days. I have given up my aspirations to be svelte and decided to go for relaxed instead :-) Your blocks look great.

  9. checked out what planking is all about but will pass on doing it with you, best of luck

  10. some pretty blocks there... maybe one of you should ask for pixel blocks!

  11. I only lasted a week with the dryathon, so you're doing really well! As for the planking, well..

  12. Why don't you just lock the wee man in the cellar? You wouldn't hear him when he gets to the bottom of the stairs then and be able to just get on with your sewing. (disclaimer - I'm clearly not really suggesting this, please don't send the NSPCC round - I lock mine in the attic ;0)

    I've only just started drinking again after a 23month drought (apart from the odd half a glass with meals) due to pregnancy/breastfeeding/medication so as much as I admire your dryathon I won't be joining you any time soon! As for planking? My daughter ran over sooooo quickly when I saw the elephant because she wanted to see what was making me laugh so loudly - I thinks that's a baby elephant - I'd me the mummy elephant - three times size!

    Beautiful blocks btw

  13. oh my goodness - those plank photos just made me laugh so much!! And the quote my Gandhi is a great one - the right balance between humility and belief in oneself :-) Glad to have found your blog

  14. The planking photos made me laugh out loud! So glad I have never been able to see myself in the dim and distant past when I actually tried to hold a plank pose :)