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Thursday, 8 May 2014

biting off more than you can chew....

I am actually, actually in the process of making a quilt. Not just thinking about it, not just trawling the tinterweb for possible fabric choices, not just fannying around on EQ7 designing something that could easily be drawn on a piece of paper with a pen.  I've actually chosen the fabric, well some of it ;)  I've cut some of the fabric up.  I've started to sew things together.  An actual quilt,  not individual blocks for other people....not this time, no.  A quilt for other people instead!  Woohoo!

The following megablock took be chuffing days to do....

this is about 25" wide
My idea is a gift for some dear friends of mine and I'm trying to incorporate some lyrics from one of "their" songs, you know.  I originally printed out a huge wodge of PP letter templates from EQ7 but the letters were not reversed (fortunately I worked this out after half a letter!).  I could not for the life of me work out how I could reverse the template in EQ7 without losing the will to live so I bought Kristy @ Quiet Play's typography block templates and cracked on.......slowly!  One word down, twelve more to go - may not have been my best laid plan but I also bought some Thangles and am loving how quickly the HSTs are coming together so maybe it will even itself out.

I may have inadvertedly bought some fabric for that Washi pattern I bought last month...

#no filter
Some gorgeous nano iro double gauze from Francis@Miss Matatabi that cost me an additional 11 quid in customs charges #pffft

And after a challenging few days with the wee man, I decided to kill two birds with one stone with this...

#wine #cake #imsuchacliche
It helped me as I cleared my phone of shedloads of wee man selfies that all looked exactly like this...

team haircut!

Have a good weekend x

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  1. LOL at the selfies. Love the gauze.

  2. Cake and wine!! Love the gauze, that'll make a gorgeous Washi. I'm saving my pattern until I've lost more baby weight :-( Great paper piecing going on here too :-)

  3. Boo hiss to the charges :( The selfie is hilarious!

  4. Glad you got the letters sorted, I used Kristy's one and they are good, time consuming but good! I'm sure the finished project will be stunning and worth it, I almost gave up half way through the letters for the wedding quilt but decided that would be really stupid!

  5. Happy late Thursday night. Have you ever noticed that the word TURD appears in Saturday? That's why I like Fridays the best - only 1 hour and 1 minute until Friday :) Hugs!

  6. Love this Nani Iro too ... makes me want (no, need!) more double gauze. And your PP'ing is v impressive too - looks like it is going to be a lot of work if there are lots more words. Maybe tell your friends to choose a shorter song ha ha!

  7. Fabulous fabric, hope the wine was as good as the name and the selfie is hilarious!

  8. like both fabrics used on your change piece, not come across thangles before, checked it out looks a great help but have not done paper piecing yet, still to get my head round how to do that. Lots of people seem to be using voile now, I always thought it was a very fine see through fabric not sure how it works with patchwork blocks or does it have a backing, sorry to be confused by this. Customs is a pain, I have been told if what you order is under £11 there is no duty to pay but not sure if that is correct.

  9. fab paper piecing! That's the same pattern set I used to piece Jacob on the back of his quilt - remember I had it in Bradmore?

  10. Love the paper piecing, can't wait to see it finished! That washi in nano iro is going to look fabulous... no more excuses now?!

  11. Glad you are making something that you want to be making this time. Love the fabric for your next dress. Do you take commissions? XXX

  12. That block looks fantastic and precise, though - worth the effort! And mmmmm.... wine..... :-)

  13. I need to try me some double gauze. I keep reading about people loving it. This is a fabulous one.
    Cupcake makes everything easier!