Finished Quilts

Saturday, 3 January 2015


Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you have had a grand festive season and are all set for 2015.  We had a quiet Christmas, if you can have one with a toddler trying out his karate moves on you with the heavy end of a pumpaloon. And the workmen next door taking a total of one day's holiday (New Years Day) from using a pneumatic drill on our adjoining walls.

The usual pattern for the first post of the year is to do a review of the past year's makes and set out a plan for the coming year.  I'm going to divert slightly from that, partly because of my miserly output in 2014.  A grand total of two quilts, a shed load of bee blocks (but not as many as planned as I decided to take time out of of the current Bumbling Honeys Bee) and some other odds and sods.  I say two quilts but I realise I've just shown you one so here is the second, a swap for the #IGminiquilt swap thingy. My partner was pretty vague (like I usually am) but had this image on a pinterest board about her favourite quilt colours....

from a great site :
So I chose to copy slavishly use it for inspiration and came up with this....

paper pieced from a made up, slightly wonky hand drawn pattern
My partner went on a big overseas holiday the day I posted this to New Zealand so I don't really know whether it was what she wanted, but hey she liked it on Instagram so that was a relief.

I was fortunate enough to have Nikki from the Ochil Tree as my making partner. I have long been a major fan of Nikki's work so was stoked with this lovely Cotton & Steel creation...

usual apologies for crap photo

On Hogmanay, I spent two hours in a loud (but I have to say quite lovely) soft play centre where the wee man hooned around and I tried to draft my crafting goals for 2015.  The notebook I used had my "to do" list for 2013 and 2014 and it would seem that I have achieved almost nothing from either list.  I could cross out 2014 and write 2015 (which is basically what I did in last year) but no.  I have a slightly different plan.  Use what I have learned, namely:

  • setting goals for the year doesn't really work as it is easy to think "manana, manana".  Perhaps setting myself a monthly make or WIP to complete would work better.  Chunk things down, as it were.
  • I use "fear" as an excuse not to start things. Even things I've done before so shouldn't be frightened of.
  • I can be creative and driven (bonadoochi, even the mini quilt up there ^^ shows that I think) when I am inspired.
  • I am super untidy and it stifles me.  I need to get my sh*t organised so I can feel less burdened by it all.
  • My health has a direct impact on McMojo and having spent the last 6 months in various stages of poorliness, it's time to set up and take responsibility for becoming healthier.  I hope that this involves #sweatnsew but it will definitely mean better eating.  I am loving "A Modern Way to Eat" by Anna Jones and feel inspired to return to my vegetarian past (part time anyway) as a way of boosting my immune system.
  • McMojo will not be told what to do.  For much of the past few months, I have tried to make her go to rehab, she said no, no, no!  I need to trust that McMojo will work it out and come home to me.  I really think she is on her way back, which is nice.  She needs to be inspired home.
  • I love love love Instagram but miss the in-depth inspiration that blogs give me.  I have badly neglected my blog reading and commenting this year (I feel really bad about this).  I hate Bloglovin' with an unnecessary passion so need to sort all of this out.  Inspiration from my fellow creators is key to pushing me on.
So here is my plan, I am going to buy myself a new sewing machine this year (not sure which one) but will only do so if I actually use my current one and finish things.  I am not going to list what I will make now as things change and you never know what direction they will take but there are a number of WIPS that need whipped and some things I'd really like to make.  I will aim for one make a month, excluding bee blocks!  I will try not to get enticed by swaps but never say never.  

Onwards and upwards (now to find my seam ripper under all of this mess......)


  1. Happy new year!! Good for you spending 2 hours ON YOUR OWN in a soft play area #unheardof…. That is above and beyond the call of duty! Just raising my head above the Xmas/NYE parapet today and have quickly realised that sewing is much easier in a newly tidied up space too (not forgetting a new machine). Your new goals all sound pretty achievable, but I think you're being a wee bit hard on yourself… You always get your commitments done and you never take the easy option :) XXXX

  2. Happy new year! I hated Bloglovin for the 2 minutes I tried it (even the name bugs me) so I use Feedly and much prefer it, it's like the old Google Reader. Good luck with your McMojo, I hope she comes back and we see her at the next meeting

  3. Come and join our #sew4sanity on Instagram - so far there's a grand total of 3 of us joining in! It's an aim to finish one WIP each month, make one thing that is out of your usual comfort zone, sew with hoarded, loved fabric and make one thing that was not a quilt - ie a garment or a bag. You can obviously combine any of those, so I'm going to make a satchel from some Melody Miller canvas which meets 3 & 4. :)

  4. Love your 'inspired' quilt, it's very cute! I hear you on the unrealistic goal setting, I'm not too bad with sewing but in the garden I'm hopeless. I just look around at the millions of jobs in front of me and get myself depressed and huddle in a corner. This year I am deciding the garden doesn't matter. As long as I ride my bike and sew pretty things, that fact that I don't have six different varieties of tomatoes in the tunnel isn't going to bring the world to an end!

  5. Love your mini quilt and I am sure its recipient did too. I'm fed up that awful feeling of accountability - think we just have to work out what we like doing, and hope that we can find the time to do some of it, and not beat ourselves up too much when other stuff takes over. I could win prizes for faffing and procrastination but I think managing to do anything creative at all is a triumph over not being bothered!

    1. PS, hope it's a very happy and healthy 2015 x

  6. when mcmojo returns to you all will be wonderful as the amazing bonadoochi showed. all the best! x

  7. I hope McMojo gets her behind home soon xx

  8. Lets remember, it's supposed to be fun, not a duty, so do what makes you happy, and that mojo will come back! I find a massive dip in mojo every time I feel I have to do something, so relax and give yourself a break :o)

  9. I am sorry ro hear that 2014 has not been a good one for you healthwise. Your plan sounds good to me. Whenmy sewing mojo is gone (and that has been more than once last year) I feel like nothing can please me and I am even angry with myself that I cannot sew. Sometimes it comes back gradually and I start making a little project - a pouch or a bag - at other times I start organizing fabrics, cutting up scraps into squares, etc. with an audiobook on my ears. And then sometimes I cannot bring it back with tricks nor treats for several weeks. Mojo is a diva. At least mine is 😉 She'll come back to you eventually and I am looking forward to see the lovely things you'll make then!

  10. Good luck for the new machine!

  11. I love your honesty, thank you. I think blogging does give so much more than IG but it does take so much more effort to write a post than just post a photo! I'm making a concerted to write a bit more, mostly for my own selfish record than anything else! You mustn't forget that you also do other stuff in your week, like that job and your family and that takes it's time and toll too. Wishing you a totally splendid 2015 regardless of what sewing you do! xx

  12. Mary stole my comment! Luckily my McMojo is still here, unfortunately the time and space to sew isn't :0( here's hoping 2015 will be a better year x