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Sunday, 23 January 2011

showing off... family style

I've not been up to much sewing lately, partly due to needing the room as a guest room amongst other things.  So I've decided to use this post to show off about my big sister Carol and her amazing craftiness.  Carol is the complete opposite to me when it comes to most things - where I need to have read 125 different books on how to do something before I ever embark on it, she just dives in and fathoms it all out for herself.  This has resulted in her being a great knitter, crochet-er and sewer, leaving me panicking, in her wake, about knowing all the rules first.

Carol, Bethan and Hannah
Carol is also the mother of two of my nieces - Bethan and Hannah - both of who are completely gorgeous and amazingly well mannered and at university in Edinbugh and Aberdeen, respectively.  [I won't dwell on what they get up to there.... suffice to say, facebook can open the eyes of even wordly aunties ;-)].  They each got a handmade quilt from their mum for Christmas last year.  Here's Bethan's.....

with obligatory feet!
Now, Hannah has been a little slack in providing photos of her quilt so I'm hoping this will shame her into doing so!  My big sister is a genius and I am immensely proud of her.

Back to me(!) - we finally managed to get my sewing room straight yesterday so here's what's on Bertha at the moment...

I should finish in time for the next Skirts lunch!
Other than getting Jo's quilt done, I have a couple of bags to make and a new quilt for Laura to start.  I've got a side project on the go as well - not sure how it'll end up so I won't go into detail at the moment.  If it works out, I'll let you know.  Of course, I should really be working on my assignment which is due in at the end of the month but I figure I'm working it out in my head whilst sewing. How easy it is to convince yourself of things!

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