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Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 baby yeah!

Happy new year to you all - I hope you had grand Hogmanay celebrations.  We opted for a night at home watching Avatar (average), eating ham cooked in coke with chilli mash, drinking some wine and a tarte tatin that finally came out of the oven at 11pm!  Handmade puff pastry though - now that's what I'm taking about!

So I was thoroughly spoilt over christmas - here are some of what I received....

hours of fun already and I still don't really know what I'm doing!

much love to ms roy

santa read my amazon wishlist!
I have another book to come apparently but Laughing Boy can't remember what he ordered.  I'm hoping for Elizabeth Hartman's book - icing on an already full cake.

I actually started Jo's belated birthday quilt over the holidays too.  Since I'm about 9 months late already, I used the crazy nine patch block from Oh, Fransson! but don't want to do the lattice design so am figuring out the lay out, starting with these two....

But I've got a third one that keeps popping into my head so I think I need to map out how that will look before making the final decision.

I've had a smashing Christmas break so far and one of the best things has been that I've fallen in love with cooking again.  My yorkshire puddings were a triumph and my first stab at red velvet fairy cakes a total thumbs up!  You can always tell when I've made dinner as the kitchen looks like downtown Beirut when I'm done - thank God for Laughing Boy! 

I have lots of plans for 2011, hopefully some of them will come to fruition.  One of my plans is to give up alcohol for January - managed it last year and after a pretty sodden couple of weeks my liver is thanking me already. I'd like to visit my friends and family more often too - I miss you guys! I want to tweak the blog as well so watch out for some changes.  I hope to join in with some bees and quilt-alongs too.  I'm excited about what I might make this year - eeek!


  1. I am going to join you on the wagon darling - is there room for me?!

  2. always mrs russell always x