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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Our latest creation....

I can't quite believe the past couple of weeks.  It's all a little surreal and sometimes it's difficult for me to get my head round the fact that the munchkin is now here.  Weighing in at a healthy (and unexpected!) 8lbs, young Hamish joined us on Friday 16th September a little after 6pm.  It got a little hairy towards the end, which meant a slightly longer stay in hospital than wanted, but all is well.  Laughing Boy has definite views on pictures of the wee man circulating on the 'net and I tend to agree with him so I hope you understand if photos of H are few and far between.   I can't resist one though so here's a peak at our beautiful son.....

AND he proper's not just wind!
He's 2 weeks old now!  Blows my mind!

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