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Saturday, 15 October 2011

working my way through the city

In a fit of energy before the wee man was born (some clean, I cut fabric!), I started a quilt I promised to make for the Lovely LoLo in NZ.  It is gonna based on the Cherry House "city green" quilt I showed on here a while ago....

I can only hope it will end up looking like this!
So, my beloved Kona coal was pulled out along with a jelly roll of kona solids and the cutting frenzy began.  I even managed to do some sewing and, of course, order more fabric as I was convinced I didn't have the right amounts or colour combinations.  So far, this is what I have....

my photography skills don't get any better!
I think I may need to add a little more white and purple but I'm getting there.  I realised after I started cutting that this quilt presents me with most of the things that I am rubbish at - cutting fabric accurately, consistent 1/4" seams, joining pieces together accurately, and so on.  I can't be slapdash with this one, which is no bad thing really. Hopefully it won't take me another year to get finished. I'm counting on Hamish to help me out by sleeping like an angel.

Talking of the wee man, he is such a chunky monkey, having put on nearly 2lbs since he was born.  He's a month old tomorrow, which is just crazy, and *stifles a sob* cried his first tear today (I think it was when Forest were losing or something!).  I know that I said no photos/no paparazzi but given his month birthday here's another sneak peak at the chubster (check out the cheeks, they can store upto a week's worth of milk!)...

loving his mama's quilt!

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