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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

a finish and a conundrum

Last week was pretty much a washout, crafty wise.  Life (good and not so good) kind of snuck in and took over.  I did start AND finish something on Sunday though.  An easy-peasy purse from u-handbag, that I got for Christmas but I changed the exterior fabric and used a bit of Anna Maria Horner instead....

I am quite chuffed with how it turned out, especially given my first failed attempt at purse construction.  I now feel more confident about making graceful kelly bags for my nieces' 21st birthday - I can't believe that they will be 21 next week.  Mind boggling!

And so to my conundrum....  As some of you know, my mum is a wee bit poorly (well, to be honest a lot bit poorly).  She has asked me to make a "cover" for her wheelchair.  After talking to her, what she means is like a cosy or gro-bag type thing that velcos down the front and, I loved this bit, is "like a cape!"  I'm popping up to see her next weekend so I have about 10 days to design and complete this "cover".  I'm going to ask one of my sisters to get the wheelchair dimensions then I have to draft a pattern of sorts.  A LOT of head scratching has already happened and I'm guessing a lot more is to come.  I think I've chosen the fabric though - from my stash too! 

bought from Ikea a wee while back - like home dec in weight but not too dull and I think I'll have enough!  I'm torn between two fabrics for the inside....

some AMH lou lou thi flannel that I bought for a quilt
I'll be making one of my sisters soon
some Oliver&S City Weekend that I have had for ages,
hence the creases, and love to pieces.  I've only used a small
bit to make a bag for another sister.
What do you think?  Flannel might be more snuggly?  As I said a lot of head scratching.....  I'm going to try and document the process too just to see if it helps me in future endeavours.  If anyone out there has made anything remotely similar then please I could do with your help!
I'm linking this to Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday as I will be working on this tomorrow too!

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  1. well done on the purse: I made my first one a couple of weeks ago and it was soooo fiddly!

    1. Something snuggly for inside if you have it. If you havent... padding?? what do I know!? You have fabulous materials and make great choices so the outside will be gorge!

      The purse is AMAZING! I may need to commission one to carry my meds around in - I need sommat funky!


  2. super cute purse- great work! I wish you luck on your wheel chair cape. I think the second fabric choice would look best for the lining.

  3. This purse stood out on the WiP linky...great job. I'd go with fabric #2 as well.

  4. The purse is lovely, I really want to have a try at making one! I would go for flannel for the cover.

  5. I love the idea of flannel for the cover, but I prefer the 3rd fabric pattern. You can't really go wrong! Please document your process -- I'm sure there are others out there who would love to learn how to make this cape!!

    Fun to find you via Wip!! :-)

  6. A wheelchair cozy with a cape sounds like something my grandmother would ask for. I love it!

    If she tends to get chilled, go for the flannel! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    1. thanks Jerimi. I'm not sure about the cape bit!

  7. Your pouch turned out great! :) I love the fabrics you picked!!