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Monday, 19 November 2012

epic fail

Don't you just hate it when a plan doesn't come together?  Clearly the chrimbo pressie secrets mean that I can't go into too much detail (although to be honest there is not much chance of my sisters reading this!).  Anyway, there I was, decks cleared, fully prepped, all the fabric marked up and cut out, the interfacing ironed on, sewn together, glued and NONE of the three fit the effing frames!  I stopped then and haven't tried the fourth...sigh. The first one was definitely my mistake - I was being too clever for my own good and I had a vague Eureka moment that I thought would be the big problem solver. However the other two fit OK in three corners of the frame but are slightly out on the other one.  They just don't fit :'(

I took them to my lovely MIL for reassurance that it was the thought that counted but she (quite rightly) pointed out that I could and should do better.  I then threw a mahoosive teenage strop and I'd like to apologise to Carol for being so pathetic in the face of your kind words and suggestions #shamefaced.  I decided some distance from sewing (and the glue!) was required. [Photos of my epic fail will follow after Christmas.]

I jumped back on the horse yesterday to make some blocks for the divine Miss JoJo...

for a quilt of hugs for her lovely auntie
and finally finished the extras for my Modern She Made swap so that can go in the post tomorrow...
a nest of two fabric bowls and some lovely stuff from John Lewis
I used Nova's nested bowls pattern (a big thanks to Amy for reminding me that I had the pattern with her lovely makes for the Village Haberdashery's blog) and the whole process was a breeze.

Oh and I've ordered more purse frames. I.SHALL.NOT.BE. DEFEATED!

PS if anyone wants an imperfect baguette purse or three, let me know!


  1. oh no that sounds like a very annoying occurrence. love your baskets though and Jo's blocks are fab too xxx

  2. Fuffing frames! Love the baskets and blocks xx

  3. Oh you bad girl and Carol is so lovely! I say this in jest as you know I'm prepping for a similar make right now and really hoping it works! Good luck on your next project (and looking forward to the new years photo's!) xx

  4. Darn the plan! It is sooooo annoying. Leave it and put the big girl pants on when you go back to them. Those baskets look good (I have them on my 'to do' list). Nice bee blocks too. Di x

  5. Cheeky MIL! I know how you feel about a failed plan ... I have had this with some napkins. How can napkins go wrong? They are just squares after all. It takes a special sort of numpty (i.e. me) to make napkins wrong. I am now trying to salvage the material into cushions. Hope you have a plan to fix your plan. The baskets and bee blocks are great btw!

  6. Bad, bad frame! I'm sure you will regroup Moira, and teach the darn frame who is boss! Your blocks and nesting bowls are great!

  7. Aww, so sorry to hear it all went wrong! Hope things improve with new the frames xx