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Monday, 5 November 2012


So the sickness bug has hit Laughing Boy hard.  In solidarity with him being off work poorly, obviously to hold his hair back when he's being sick, I took the day off as a holiday.  However, having changed into my Florence Nightingale attire (complete with corset and plenty of underskirts), Laughing Boy chose to sleep ALL day rather than have me minister to his every need. That is not as rude as it sounds, honest!

So what's a dutiful wife to do when her beloved shuns her comfort?  Why sew, goddamn it!  It took me most of the morning to choose the fabrics for LoLo's laptop sleeve and then stumped for the first thing that I had pulled out of the stash but I finally got sewing and, using Elizabeth's SewMamaSew tutorial, made this....

back on the left, front on the right
Given that LoLo is one of my favourite people in the whole world and that I started a quilt for her over a year ago now and it's still not even 5% done, I wanted to make her a wee minding, using fabric from my favourite designer. LoLo is a writer who loves coffee and music so Melody Miller was a must. It's interfaced (fusible fleece and wadding) to within an inch of its life and lined with ruby star vinyl...

That big black strip is the sew in Velcro.  I followed Elizabeth's suggestion and used a zigzag stitch to sew it in and this happened...

The thread (polyester gutermann) frayed really badly as it went through the Velcro.  Next time (when I make one for me!), I'll use a straight stitch I think to see if that will avoid this problem.  I wish you could get sew in Velcro in better colours though.

Even though it took me all day to make, I am really happy with this laptop sleeve.  It's going to be winging its way to the hobbit house in New Zealand as soon as I can get to the Post Office.

Off to tend to the sick (whether he likes it or not!)...


  1. My man has 'man flu' but he grumbles rather than sleeps! Taking a day off to nurse a poorly man is beyond the call of duty. So pleased he let you sew as it is a gorgeous laptop sleeve. Di x

  2. Love the lap top sleeve. I have recently sewn some Velcro and that frayed using a normal straight stitch-I think its the way of Velcro!!

  3. Ooooh get you being such a doting wifey.
    Man, that is gorgeous.
    I always sew my velcro on with a triple straight stitch, or single and go over it twice, using Gutterman and it's okay :0)
    I just bought myself a KAM Snap Press so that I can add gorgeous colourful press snaps instead of velcro and I am one happy lady with it.
    p.s. get well soon Mr Kettleboiler

  4. perhaps he will be too poorly to go to the football tomorrow!! Then you can come and crochet with us...... (wicked grin over here) :)

  5. Brilliant - love the red and that typewriter :) I found some white sew-in velcro at Dunelm by chance the other day. Makes a change from the black.

  6. Aw...and here you were looking so cute as Flo! Thank goodness there was sewing to be done! Lap top sleeve looks fantastic!

  7. The lurgy has come to your house too then? Hope Laughing Boy is on the mend - it is a horrible thing. Love the laptop sleeve though - something positive did come from it!

  8. Boo to man lurgy and having to sew velcro & yay for MM and that gorgeous laptop case x

  9. Love your sleeve! I just got me some typewriter fabric! Sorry hubby is sick, they turn into little boys when they get sick. At least mine does. Hope he feel better soon!