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Friday, 9 August 2013

foq meh?

So after it took Dave (for that was his name) about 10 seconds to remove my dodgy wisdom tooth, it was time to rest, recuperate and prepare for the Festival of Quilts.  My lovely MIL Carol and I went yesterday - fourth year in a row!  We got in just after 10 and decided to hit the shops first to avoid the crush at the quilts.  I was very restrained and only purchased one piece of fabric:

total impulse buy!
A tenner for 1.5m x 1.5m home dec fabric that would look great as a skirt I think.  I couldn't resist it.  Other than some fusible interfacing and signing up for the new Love Patchwork magazine, that is the total FoQ haul. #phew

And so to the quilts.... we were both totally underwhelmed by the quilts this year.  There was no "wow" moment and I still struggle with the categories some quilts end up in.  I understand that the quilter chooses the category to submit to but some of the most traditional looking ones were in the Contemporary section and vice versa. There were loads of lone star quilts in every section.  It's just confusing.  Lovely Clare went yesterday for the first time and I think was similarly underwhelmed.  It was difficult to find something that fired inspiration into the soul.  Other than seeing the fabulous Tula Pink of course and saying hi to Charlotte but being too shy to say much else and scarpering down an aisle instead.  I enjoyed watching some really bad customer service and some really good stuff too. Oh and saving a young girl's foot from the claws of an old biddy's trolley bag.

Anyway here are my pick of the best...

my favourite in the show...
 really clever idea really well executed

quilting detail of the quilt above

the title of the quilt explains it well!
This one was very popular with the photogs and it was fab...

what's not to love?
This one is not my usual taste but really caught my eye..

A third place for Lucie Summers (and another triumph)..

Kerry's Wallander looked great..

dodgy photo sorry
The Contemporary Quilts section of the Quilters Guild had a lovely exhibition based on the theme of horizons. This was my favourite...
really badly light, of course
I'm not sure we will go next year. Carol wants to try out the Malvern show.  Of course, we might stop whingeing, pull our socks up and submit a quilt next year *feels faint at the thought*


  1. You did well not to spend too much. You should have chatted more to Charlotte, she is lovely.
    Is Malvern a grosvemor show? If it is you might be shocked at how small it is compared to the nec. I know sandown is very different.
    As someone said to me last year when I moaned about sandown, if you want something different you have to enter yourself!

  2. I like the text quilt. I think I'd still like to go and have a look at FoQ but it's probably not at the top of my to do list.

  3. I've never been to FOQ but have usually been disappointed by other quilt shows.

  4. Oh I am SO pleased you felt the same! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the title of your post - I really felt like I was going out on a limb last night writing what I did. Maybe all of us modern quilters should get together and do something collaborative? That would show them!

  5. Hmm we're off there on Sunday, quite looking forward to a day out with the girls, anything else is a bonus! There is a local quilt exhibition on next weekend so we'll do a comparison...

  6. love the doctor so much.... best bloggy title in aaaaages x

  7. Love the text quilt. Glad the wisdom tooth came out with no problems

  8. That texty quilt is very clever. Wouldn't mind snuggling up to the David Tennant quilt either!

  9. Do it! Love the text quilt, very clever. Well done on your resolve, both with the fabric buying and the dentist :D

  10. Great quilts but you've made my glad I saved the money of a train ticket by not going this year! If you enter next year I will definitely go though :)

  11. That top one is freaking incredible! Love Lucie's as well. I've never been to an actual quilt show - I missed our local one at the end of June (doh!) - bummer that it was so underwhelming.

  12. I visited yesterday, the first time but unlike you I was blown away with some of the quilts. Next year it will be a 2 day visit as there was so much I did not see, a long very tiring day, bus, coach and train and was away from 5,35 till just after 11pm have now recovered!

  13. What a shame! I must confess when I went last year I spent about 80% of our time looking at fabric, 5% at the quilts and 5% looking for my mate! Love the David Tennant quilt and the 'Every Text' quilt - very clever. xxx

  14. Oooh yes, go for it and submit something!! Say hello to Carol for me! Did you tell her we missed her at FQR?