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Thursday, 15 August 2013

where's the on switch?

After what seems like forever of no sewing, I finally plugged Bertha in and got back on the horse #mixedmetaphoranyone? Here's my MUST DO list (of shame) for the rest of the year as of the minute before Bertha's reboot:

Bee Blocks:
QATWII x 5 blocks
Modern Mavericks x 3 blocks of two
Kinky Bee - just post Gertie Pye's block already
prep for Kinky Bee round 2 as I am up first in September

Rory's quilt - just finish the b****r.  The top was finished in January and it has been basted since March *hangs head in shame*.  It was meant for his first birthday but he will be 2 in October!

The Wee Man's quilt - blocks all ready to go since Christmas last year.  Need to sew them into a top and finish it before he moves into his big boy bed

Modern Mavericks quilt - got all my bee blocks and a vision, just need the time to work it through

Other sh*t
P's skirt - planned as a finish for February, cut out and waiting to be sewn up.  I would like to take it to Scotland next weekend so OMflippingG!
Bag for Maia - promised and also should be ready for Scotland next weekend
2 birthday tops for the wee man's swimming buddies - term starts 5 September so there's my deadline
Weekender bag - so behind on this and want it to be a gift now so no more excuses

There are other things (obvs) but they are not top top priorities.  There will be other things to add as the weeks pass but that's my "I've flipping just got to do it, FFS" list.

And with Bertha's help, I started to make a dint in the list with a small bee block frenzy:

First up (but last finished), Modern Mavericks blocks for Michelle (due back in June)

converging corners in red, gold and black
I got the first one (on the right) done super quick but struggled with #2 - no matter how many strips I added it still stayed at 11".  I clearly need a ruler class or something

Then a blitz on the QATWII blocks:

jewels in the dark for Pam

interlocking geometry for Christine

Prue's Paris for Julianne
I've hit a bit of a bee block block so have stopped for today but my MUST DO list of shame is looking a tiny bit less shameful.  Laughing Boy is out tomorrow evening and at the footie on Saturday so I should be able to get some kid free time for another spurt on Sunday. 

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  1. Awesome work! Love that interlocking geometry, very cool. Get moving before that list gets any bigger ;)

  2. Yay I got your Bee block in the post yesterday, thank you so much!! That's quite a list you have but I have faith in your productivity

  3. Those kinds of list are painful when you're not feeling it, it's still not properly returned for me, damn! Good Luck with your catch up :o)

  4. Brilliant start there, good luck with the continuation!

  5. Great start back on the horse!

  6. Fab blocks! Hope you get your kid free time on Sunday :o)

  7. that is a list and a half but good to see you are making inroads with it, the interlocking block caught my eye

  8. I think I must have missed something about the Kinky Bee - oooh whatcha gonna do??? Anyway, beautiful blocks and I can testify to that as I saw them with my own eyes yesterday. I especially love Christine's interlocking block. Looks like you're right back in the saddle already ;) XXXXXXX

  9. That's quite a list Moira but you seem to have made a great start. Your bee blocks are all very lovely. Looking forward to seeing what you want us to do for September- I remember you talking about it at FQR but I can't for the life of me remember what your choice was, wish my brain wasn't so addled!

  10. Those bee blocks look like a lot of work- all those pieces! I don't envy you.

  11. Wow, you have a LOT of projects on the go. My mind couldn't cope with that, it would still be digesting it all at 2am! :-)

  12. Sounds like you've had a bit of a block busting day. You've got lots on the go, hope you get them all finished.

  13. Congrats on the block busting, I am sure your deadlines will concentrate your mind and you will whip through the most pressing things on your list :)

  14. some really fab blocks there, love the Maverick one. Lady, your list of shame just does not compare to my list of shame, you're going to need another 20 UFOs to be in my league!

  15. Good luck with getting it all done!