Finished Quilts

Friday, 8 November 2013

what took me so long?!

The head down charge through bee blocks continued this week. First up: JoJo's QATWII block.  She asked for blue, that's all so I pp'd myself out with this.....

thank you Kerry for the fabric!
I am pretty chuffed with how it turned out and it goes well with her other blocks:

pretty cool huh?
Just as I was about to post these off to Rachel, I decided to finish Rachel's block and send them on to her at the same time...

got to love a +x block!
And what a riot of richness her final quilt will be...

I still have a fair pile of bee blocks to get through but I decided I needed a little sewing that may stay in our house for a while and dug out the FQR Kinky Bee blocks that I received during my stint as Bee Mama wa-a-a-y back in September of last year.  The request was for bento box blocks that would be used to make a quilt for the wee man.  I have fretted about these blocks since getting them back - how to get them all the right size before starting mainly. And they have been taken out, played with and put back so many times.

Anyhoo, this week, I dug them out and sewed them up, sorting out the sizing as I went.  In total it too an hour and a half to go from blocks to this...

#love - thank you my bee buddies
What the heck took me so long?!?!  I've made quilts for 5 of the wee man's friends but nothing so far for him.  It was so straightforward in the end.  The seams pretty much match up and everything!  It's around 48" by "58" and will be sandwiched this weekend. I'm going to back it with this (bought from fabricworm a long while ago:

photo courtesy of
And I'm thinking concentric circles for the quilting - fmq or walking foot?  advice please! I want to get this done and done before Christmas.

Finally, to top off a pretty productive week so far, I made cakes for that toddler group - a banana and chocolate bread for the littlies and an iced gingerbread for the grownups...

 The gingerbread is absolutely delish.  I have no idea about the banana bread (plah!).  Both recipes were taken from my new favourite book...
It's ace!  I have many bread making books but this one has gotten me making really, really nice bread.  I can't recommend it enough!  The wee man adores the scotch pancakes recipe too.  #goodtimes


  1. Wow, you're on fire, this bee catch up is hard work, i have 1 set from last month and then my backlog is cleared, yay! A good bread book, now there's a good reccomendation. :o)

  2. yay for a finished quilt top! It looks fab :-)

  3. The wee man still doesnt have a quilt? For shame woman, get on with it ;-) lol You've been working hard and it all looks fab.

  4. Lovely bee blocks there Moira! Glad you've decided to finish the wee man's quilt. I've never done concentric circles, so I can't really advise

  5. First of all thank you for my beautiful block - I love it! I tried concentric circles with my walking foot (once) and the guide thingy kept moving, so I unpicked it (gah!), but I think it's a great idea considering you are a much better quilter than me! The cakes look fabulous - wasted on 'that' toddler group ;) XX

  6. Some great finishes and I love the owl fabric.

  7. Gorgeous bee blocks, Moira! I might have to check out that bread book but I find that bread recipes need a little tweaking when taken out of country of origin, not that I'm not game....

  8. love your blue block, I am right in thinking you all make one block each, if so what a good idea that you get sent all the other blocks so you can see them and make sure yours goes with the others. Circles would be way beyond me but you skills are so very advanced I am sure they will be wonderful. Mouth watering baking, you put me to shame,I might make one cake a year!!

  9. I hadn't even recognised those fabrics until I looked at this post a second time- in my defense it was the last thing I did before I went to bed ;) I definitely would like a sample of that gingerbread at the next meeting please!

  10. uses a combination - walking foot for circles outside a central one, free motion foot inside it. I made a note of it for when I'm brave enough. Your blocks and cakes all look good!