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Saturday, 2 November 2013

running to keep up

I'm not a natural runner - my chebs are too big for a start... there's a health and safety issue right there.  Anyway, I feel that I am having to run and run to keep up with my bee obligations.  Just as I clear one lot, a whole other bunch thud onto my to do list (or rather start shouting that they're late!). It's one reason why I opted out of the current round of Pillow Talk. 

But I have been tempted by another bee after an invite from the lovely Joan.  She was one of the first quilters I had contact with when, a few years back, we participated in a fabric swap organised by Sew Mama Sew.  He work is impeccable. I was stoked when I found out that she was part of the QATWII bee and even more pleased when she invited me to join the Friends with Additions bee she is mama of.  It's a kind of travelling quilts bee, which I think will be real fun as well as a challenge.

I chose Yoshiko Jinzenji as my inspiration and pulled together this inspiration mosaic
Friends with additions inspiration mosaic
cool huh?
Then came the design and making of the starter block.  I used her cipher quilts as a kick off point and designed my own paper piece templates in EQ7, chose some bright fabric and came up with this...
pigpen cipher knew?!
It says "enjoy the journey" - which is appropriate in many ways.  I'm stepping into new territory with this kind of design but what better way to start a new journey than with quilty friends.  It's also a call to arms for my bee buddies, who have already expressed a little trepidation with my inspiration mosaic.  Don't stress, just enjoy :). And, my quilt block is about to head off to Switzerland for the first stop of its global journey.  I am really looking forward to seeing it come home as a completed quilt top.
Another little make this week that kind of snuck its way in after I couldn't find anything nicer in the shops was this little peasant dress made as a 4th birthday gift for my niece, Grace May...
got to love the foxes
Thank goodness the wee man decided on a 3 hour nap that day!  I'm hoping she (and her lovely mum) will think that the upside down foxes on the back and one sleeve is an innovative design feature #oops.
Back to the bee block grind! 


  1. gorgeous dress. your cipher block must have taken forever!

  2. Love your starter block - very brave idea indeed and it must have taken ages like Sarah said, but I look forward to adding my bit to it (sometime next year)! I love the dress too! One of my favourite prints ever :) xxx

  3. Wow I love how you are doing something really different and going with some new ideas. Looking forward to seeing you soon x

  4. a pretty little dress I am sure your niece will love it. Great colours in your new block

  5. Wow...pigpen cipher code.....this will be an amazing quilt.

  6. I love YJ, her (?) style is phenomenal, I love the simplicity of it, well done, and try not to drown in bee commitments!

  7. Good for you. trying something slightly left of centre! Can't wait to see how it all pans out.

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  9. Okay, so the first attempt to post this was a fail! I am not sure what happened there.

    I can hardly wait to get your block. Yoshiko Jinzenzi is a fabulous minimalist artist and your quilt is sure to be amazing. I am very much aware of how much time gets sucked down the black hole that is bee participation, but I hope this one will be well worth our efforts.

    Such a sweet gift for your niece (lucky girl).