Finished Quilts

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I'm in a whirlwind of paper piecing at the moment.  It's something I started for the first time this year and, in spite of how wasteful it is with fabric (well, how I do it anyway), I just LOVE it.  It helps me be more precise, well sometimes... 

As seems to be the way of things at the moment, I'm working on bee blocks.  First up, Sara's Modern Mavericks blocks...

two blocks become one!
Sara wanted blocks that she could use to construct a bookcase quilt.  I found a cool PP pattern for Harry Potter glasses here.  It was a little fiddly but pretty straightforward.
Next up, a QATWII block for Ursi - not paper pieced this one, I gave myself a wee break!
the brief: low volume with a pop of colour
It was a 12.5" square block but then I reread the requirements and she wanted 13" square so I had to add a small border but it still looked ok. 
Next up, the block that I really enjoyed making but is a bit of a fail.... Lovely Carol's red panda....
I'm not entirely sure what went wrong.  Sewing the pieces whilst watching the Great British Bake Off final was probably not my smartest move.  I also think I may have had a scale thingy on my printer set up when I printed it.  The pattern is a Bad Skirt one - I love her work although she never adds seam allowances to her PP templates so that was another thing I kept having to remember.  When I finished it, I was severely p*ssed off with myself.  But I got a haircut (always helps put me in a good mood) and checked out some of the other pandas on the Forest QAL Flickr site and there are a few with similar abstract cubist tendencies so Fred (for that is his name) will live on!  Especially because @cottonandsteel liked him on Instagram.  #squeeeee!
I have two more PP projects to get through this week then I'm having a break for a while I think.  My evil iron can't take the pace!


  1. Well I didn't know he was called Fred, but I knew he was a boy panda! He's wonderful!

  2. I love the glasses amongst those books! Well done!

  3. All awesome!!! And a red panda called Fred?! Better add that to my to do list pronto!! Would you believe Fred actually has a red panda toy too?!

  4. Struggling to see the fail part?

  5. I rather like the red panda, seems fulll of character to me like you enjoyed the great british bakeoff.

  6. Fred is soo cute and thanks for the heads up about the 13" block! xxx

  7. Brilliant pp!!! I love those books and Harry's glasses, but Fred is just fantastic!
    I waste loads of fabric when pp'ing too!!

  8. Fred is a fail? All I see is cute red panda! *tsks* Don't be so hard on yourself, we all think he rocks.

  9. Hello thanks for your comment though Im sure I more mad than a genius!
    I LOVE red pandas, I knew what it was straight away, cool piecing indeed x

  10. Love the book case and Harry potter glasses, well worth the fiddle

  11. great work! I love paper piecing. I can't see anything wrong with the red panda, looks perfect to me

  12. I think your red panda is brilliant and it would never have occurred to me that he was anything less than perfect. I would have him on my wall!