Finished Quilts

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Blue moon

I did check last night to see if there was one...because I actually finished a quilt!  It's been months and months since I did any quilting or binding but I was determined to finish Rory's 1st birthday quilt in time to hand it over to him at his 2nd birthday do this morning! The quilt top was finished in January, the sandwich was basted in March so I could fiddle with the "how late is it really?" question but I'll be front up and say a year.  Anyway without further ado....

it's been a wee while since Laughing Boy's legs
were in a quilt shot!

and the wee man wanted to help too!
machine bound #first time
I fell out of love with this quilt pretty early on  - I think it was because it seemed a little limited colour wise but the spot binding really helps to bring it alive a bit.  The orange spots especially have saved the day. I wish I'd put the black blocks where the green blocks are though.

It's made with some Japanese hippo fabric I got ages ago...

I was cursing having cut up the yellow hippos in a vain attempt to make some quick change pants for the wee man before he was born because that would have been a good addition I think.  I added some blue fabric from Ikea (quite a loose weave but £3 a metre), some kona chatreuse and kona white.  The backing is also from Ikea and again I've had this for an age.  It was just the perfect size so no need to piece the back (otherwise it might have been even later!).  The binding (I think it's Laurie Wisbrun) made me fall back in love with the quilt as it provided the pop of contrast colour I was missing. 

Given that I only finished quilting this on Thursday evening (close straight-line quilting on the white, stitch in the ditch round the colour blocks), I needed to attach the binding fast so attempted machine binding for the first time.  I have to say that it doesn't do it for me.  I'm a hand binding kind of girl.  I like the process of sitting with the quilt and taking some time.  I know things are always easier with practice but I felt that I made too many mistakes and that it was not so much fun.  Anyway, needs must and all that.  It's also good to know that it's not really for me.

Now that the wee man's little mates have quilts, I really should start to put his together!  I've gotten this far....
block placement nailed (thanks to Tanya!)
Today's job should be to start sewing it together but for some reason (the need to think about regulating the block sizes #ouch),  I'm being drawn towards my still in pieces Weekender bag so that's what's about to be dragged out of it's box (probably to be put right back in!)


  1. Your machine binding looks great. I tried once and it looked sh*te! I struggled to get my bento box quilt to all match up and I made all the blocks! It definitely wasn't perfect, but I could live with some of the blocks not lining up perfectly in a couple of places. Loving the hippo quilt :)

  2. I am sure the little one will love this with the hippos on and the binding looks great

  3. The quilt looks lovely Moira. Perfect matching backing and binding.

  4. Looks fab, and well done! i also enjoy the process of hand sewing down the quilt binding, there is something that framing it by hand helps me connect with the quilt, and usually fall back in love with it after the trauma of quilting!

  5. I love it- what happened with the yellow and blue hippos though? I might be interested in a little swaperoo if you are thinking of destashing them ;) Also, get that Weekender bag done!

  6. Doh, I see you used the yellow now, but still, the blue......

  7. I love your work in progress quilt....what great colors!

  8. Hippos are cool, but the wee man's quilt looks amazing - I love the fabric!