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Thursday, 5 December 2013

blitzkreig bop

How did it end up being December already?  Proper December too, not just the start of the month.  I know I'm not very original with this cry but jeez louise where did November go?!

After coming down from the high of finally finishing the wee man's quilt, I walked back into my back bedroom/laundry room/home office/sewing space and was aghast at what looked like a bomb site.  I know that lots of you work neatly but I am a super messy crafter and sometimes it just gets too much.  Here's a snapshot of the really neat and tidy end of the room....

I do know what each pile is about though!
No wonder Laughing boy despairs of me.  Anyway after a swift stuffing of things in the stash cupboard and stuff drawer methodical blitz, I found the floor again!  And I managed to identify piles of cut fabric that were destined to be bee blocks but hadn't got very far in their quest.  So another bee block blitzkrieg....

First up, Krista's Modern Maverick blocks ... two ribbon stars...

the middle stars are dark grey
I thought I'd done well in terms of accurate cutting but that wasn't the case so they took longer than they should have to get done #sigh

Next up, Teresa's Bumbling Honeys blocks

I've never done string blocks before and they were fun and pretty quick.  I was too chicken to cut them down to the actual size that Teresa wants, given my cutting accuracy issues - better too big, right?

Finally, and very late, Tanya's QATWII block.  She wanted rainbow stars and my printer was on the blink so I needed to make something that wasn't paper pieced.  Tanya lives in New Zealand so I went with a very tenuous version of the stars on the NZ flag....

it's upside down, obviously!
And here are her blocks so far...

football softie is an optional extra

I've still got a ways to go before I conquer the BB mountain and the air is getting rare up here but the wee man is off to his Nana's this weekend and I think I've got a full day sewing on the cards so fingers crossed for one last push.

Here's one thing keeping me company (in my head)....

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  1. Your sewing room looks mighty familiar! My sewing space is all clear at the moment as we had family for lunch on Sunday, but give me a couple of days and I'll be back to oblivion again! Lovely blocks all round, as usual :) XXXX

  2. Oh I thought I was untidy right now but I gracefully offer you my throne oh messy one....

  3. Hey ho, let's go! *g* Nice blocks. And if it makes you feel any better my room looks very similar to that after my festive stitching!

  4. Love love love your stringtastic block!

  5. I thought I was messy but now I know better! Great blocks as usual

  6. How many bees are you in??? I can't even get in the door of my crafting room at the moment, even the floor is covered, and after an hour of throwing stuff in boxes, and taking out 4 carrier bags of wadding scraps and fabric scraps (for crafting at school), it doesn't look much better. And it needs converting to a nursery asap, oh crap!!! Enjoy your catch up day. x

  7. Some delightful blocks you have shared today, you have been busy.Seems we all have a messy sewing room, well my box room where I keep nearly all my stuff but I sew in the kitchen, Of course I have bits in the lounge too and the spare room, not forgetting the kitchen too, I can see it spreading into the bathroom before too long!!

  8. I had to giggle at your version of our Southern Cross, but a cool idea! I spent today trying to sort out my sewing chaos/mess - something to do with Christmas approaching that made me get my tidy on :-)

  9. I might be able to see the floor but the pool table has disappeared under my mess. It needs a good clear up too! Nice bb and doesn't it feel better to get them out of the way? Di x

  10. Beautiful blocks! I love your string blocks they colors ar beautiful.
    I agree with you... where did November go? It feeel like the Holidays are coming way to fast.