Finished Quilts

Sunday, 15 December 2013


It appears that my sewjo has decided to go off on its holibags for December. That's after getting sucked in to Masterchef the Professionals (and being bitterly disappointed that Adam fluffed the final).  December so far has meant a Bumbling Honeys Christmas FQ swap organising by lovely Liz.  I forgot to take a photo of the fabric I sent to Teresa (some lovely Laura Gunn) but I made a drawstring pouch to go with it...

made from some gorgeous Joel Dewberry
that I got from a way too generous Amy
I say drawstring bag but I forgot the holes for the drawstring and couldn't find the seam ripper so had to improvise with some ribbon and a button.  Not very useful but it looks pretty.  Of course, as soon as I finished it I worked out a better way to do it #heyho

My FQ came courtesy of the gorgeous JoJo...

I had a much better photo but deleted it by mistake.  I hope you can pick out the fabulous origami stars, tucked into an equally fabulous piece of liberty #swoon.

Then it was my birthday and cake was made....

waiting for its chocolate fudge icing....
I can't recommend Nigella's old fashioned chocolate cake recipe highly enough. [I previously would have hash tagged Team Nigella here but someone has ruined that for me.]  I made salted caramel butter icing for the middle and chocolate fudge icing to cover it.  Flipping delicious, if I say so myself. And I ate enough to ensure consistent flipping deliciousness too!

And on the same weekend, I taught myself how to do portholes ....

you ain't seen me, roight?
Part of some secret sewing but I had to share cos I love it!  This was the sole product of my sewing weekend sans kiddo.  I ended up doing housework for most of it #weird.  Of course, there was the lovely red wine.......

Oh and this week, I got myself a new job too. #nobiggie #relief

And that's it!  I haven't even begun to finish the one and only handmade Christmas present on the list.  The wee man and I are off to Scotland in half an hour for the week and I should be packing.

Have a great Christmas.  See you on the other side xx


  1. Have a wonderful holiday and perhaps your sew-jo will have returned when you get back. Oh and Happy Birthday !

  2. Oh the cake - ohhhhh I am home alone until Tuesday so I think I will make one and eat it ALL myself! Does that make me a bad person!!?? Love the Joel pouch - so pretty!!! The ribbon really makes it 'zing'!

  3. Happy Birthday and many congrats on your new job. Have a nice time away and come back refreshed. Di x

  4. Have a fabulous time away! I too was disappointed with Adam *sigh*... If your porthole has anything to do with FWA, I will love you forever! It's gorgeous! XXXXXX

  5. Gorgeous porthole! Have a lovely Christmas - congrats on the new job :-)

  6. Have a fab time away, and congrats on the new job!! :o)

  7. belated birthday wishes, the cake looks delicious and the chocolate fudge icing sounds yummy, not a clue how you make that. Fell asleep in masterchief so did not see who won but I too was rooting for Adam. Have a lovely time in Scotland, don`t get snowed in and congrats on the new job.

  8. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new job! Love all these stitchy things - I haven't sewn for nearly a month now (also housework - #weird) but did buy some Liberty off eBay and am now itching to do some stitching. Have a wonderful Christmas x

  9. Well, if you must do housework it's much more satisfying sans kiddo and plus red wine. Love the porthole and look forward to seeing where this is going. Belated Happy Birthday!

  10. Congrats on the new job! Love the cake and sewing, and totally agree that Adam threw that trophy away!

  11. congrats on the new job! I love the pouch, who needs a drawstring? I can't believe how badly Adam messed up, he was a cert for winning before that, you could tell Michel thought so.