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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

diversionary tactics

I had hoped that this post would be about my next adventure in dressmaking and on instagram I confidently announced my new #fearless attitude.  This quickly withered and I was left looking for other things to do to avoid cutting into my lovely double gauze fabric that I have had for nearly 4 years.  Fortunately that meant actually finishing something that was not a bee block and that would be staying chez kettleboiler.  The first time that has happened in like forever.  A Me Me Me finish....what's not to love!

I took the paper pieced block I made at the last EMMQG meeting (using a pp pattern by sew-ichigo)

paper pieced at the emmqg sesh
and following the tutorial on sew-ichigo, made a cover for Nanny Plum, my lovely boysenberry Kitchen Aid.

It was a quick make in the end and I even finished the binding by hand cos that's just how I roll.  Here it is in situ....

Confession time.... I followed the tutorial and didn't include any wadding that would have made it more structured.  That was maybe a mistake.  And, I think I prefer Nanny Plum naked, as it were.  But, at least her new coat will keep the dust off and I can marvel at my paper pieced lovely.

Now I am fighting the dressmaking fear and am removing all the obstacles one by one.  The current (and last!) one is interfacing for the collar and cuffs (those words together always make me chuckle #immature).  I'm off out, braving a massive rain storm, to get the flipping interfacing.  So I'll leave you with this....


  1. Just think how many WIP's this prevarication will allow you to finish!

  2. I love that song! I love Ian Brown. Saw him at a festival years ago... well done on making the cover up so quickly, I think it's fab

  3. Come on, no more avoidance, we want garments!!! Although that cover is ace and I covet you kitchen aid :-)

  4. love the cover for your mixer, I used to make clothes but have not one so for years, in fact gave a load of fabric away not so long ago

  5. Pretty cover! Good luck with the dressmaking!

  6. Love this cover Moira, esp the selvedge strip for the buttons. I am also overcoming dressmaking fear - making a peasant top so no zips or buttons, just elastic (I am getting to the age where elastic is my friend). We can do this! Although having Patrick from GBSB to hand would be a great help.

  7. Looks fab, well done! And the big question is do your cuffs and collars match, don;t answer it, but that question/statement always makes me giggle! Good luck with the clothes making!!