Finished Quilts

Thursday, 10 April 2014


I appear to be sabotaging myself at the moment.  I bought some new bathroom scales at Christmas (they were a bargain!) and at some point in the last month or so, they told me I was below a certain number that had been my solid buddy for the past 10 years or so.  Naturally I was delighted and celebrated liberally with cake!  That certain number and I have since been reunited.

The same seems to be happening with my sewing.  Cake is sometimes involved too.  Anyway, I'm determined to sort it out and have a plan (a bullet journal list if you will - never one to knowingly avoid a sewista bandwagon!). It coincides with a number of random days leave scattered through the next few weeks.  But in order to firm up the plan, I need to get my arse in gear clear the decks of bee blocks.  After much procrastination, here goes....

Bumbling honeys bee block(s) for Mary:

a bit wonky 
An example of sabotage, I was cutting and making two of these blocks for Mary and I was getting tired and I knew I should have stopped and left it for the next day but I decided to push on and finish the cutting at least.  As I was saying these words in my head, I put a pile of fabric on the board and cut into 2 equal 2.5 inch square blocks, only to realise that it was the wrong pile of fabric AFTER the cut was made. Exhibit A...

My dear sewistas....learn from my mistakes and listen to your inner quilty goddess and stop when she tells you ok! Mary, of course, has been a real angel about my mistakes and the one and a half fairly wonky blocks she got from me.

Keeping on the Bumbling Honey's vibe, April's Bee Mama is Jo and she asked us to make blocks for the Soy Amado quilt block drive....

lovely fabrics as usual from Jo
April, I hear you say!  Yep, don't faint - I finished these in the month.  They are not late!  I may faint a little bit, in a corseted Victorian lady way.

Next up, the Friends with Additions bee.  I had three sets of blocks on my cutting table and so was mightily embarrassed.  I sabotaged myself with the first lot (for Deanna) by deciding on a block and then fannying about humming and hawing about it for a few weeks too long only to return to the initial design.  It's meant to be under wraps but I'm a bit bored of sneak peaks now and am pretty sure Deanna doesn't read m'blog so here goes:

pp'd trees
Deanna loves hummingbirds and trees.  Someone else has already made a beautiful hummingbird block so I got some fabric with hummingbirds on and used it in the trees.  Here's the blocks altogether...

nice coherent colour palette I think
Blocks are back on their travels.  I'm half way through block(s) for Christine, which will head off to Switzerland this weekend and that leaves Cindy's then I'm up to date!  Until May!

Here's a little something that always makes me smile (and jump around a lot - the wee man gets quite scared then he joins in!)


  1. Great bee blocks especially the hummingbirds in the trees . I make endless lists but that bullet journal guy seems seriously anal to me!

  2. Sabotage!! Good call! The blocks look great, love the trees. Sadly I'm in exactly the same boat - just dropped under a certain (large) number and now right back there. Wish sewing burned more calories ;)

  3. I love that tree block, so clever! And I'm with you and Lu on the weight thing - maybe pedal powered sewing machines would work?

  4. Your tree has worked so well. I too did a couple of blocks for the Soy Amado project, first time I had done a quilt as you go .I am another with a weight gain, I know mine is from too much laziness!! sitting stitching instead of housework, walking etc.

  5. You are not alone, although I don't think I have sabotaged myself on purpose, but have been so ill and I'm now so bored of coughing, but this has scuppered my twice (sometimes three times) a week gym appearances. I haven't been for a month *gah*, which makes it that much harder to get back into it! Beautiful blocks, as ever, you did a great job with the trees, that's a tough set of blocks to add to! Loving your song choice too xx

  6. I haven't had a chance to look at Jo's blocks yet, but I am relieved to see they look quite easy - yay! (thanks Jo!)

  7. Sabotage or not, your blocks are fab. I love those trees with the hummingbirds in them!

  8. I love your posts and those blocks!
    I think it's a scale conspiracy, I ran my backside off the week before last 13 miles in 7 days and I put on 3lb!! So I commiserated with cake and chocolate and have now put on more!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE bullet journalling, it's really made me clear the do list, plan ahead and showed me what I was avoiding, but it's not helped with the weight loss ;0)