Finished Quilts

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Jazz Legs

Everyone has heard of Jazz Hands.  My mum had Jazz Legs...from the knee down they are a whirlwind of activity when she was excited.  It was hilarious - they were out of control.  I caught myself having Jazz Legs for the first time recently, when playing with the wee man. It's hereditary!  I have just experienced Jazz Legs again about 10 minutes ago when I finally finished* piecing the behemoth that is the Bonadoochi Quilt...

pinning the last seam*
my workspace is a little cramped!
After a couple of abortive shots with Laughing Boy holding the quilt top, I decided to lay it out on the decking and do it myself, firstly with a chair...

then from the back bedroom window (which appears to be painted shut!)...

forgot to move the chair first!
This is the biggest quilt I've ever pieced - currently 75" x 80".  I say currently and have included the * above because, after a quick validation from the lovelies on Instagram, I've decided to add a top and bottom sash so that the words don't get lost in the binding.  So not quite finished but pretty damn close!  Then, just the backing to piece then it's off to Trudi for some loving.

I have a mountain of abandoned bee sewing to crack on rest for the wicked.... except not today as we are child free for the evening and off out to sit in the dark and not talk to each other [The 100-Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared].

Have a great weekend.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Well done.

  2. Amazing! #Jealous :-) You are a star.

  3. what idiot told you you had more work to do on it?! cruel cruel person.... :-p absolutely freakin love it.

  4. Ooo I can see the text now, it looks superb. Bet you're glad to be sending it to Trudi, it's a large one!

  5. looking great, my daughter has restless leg problems, sounds much nicer when called jazz legs

  6. Love the quilt! How was the film? I've read the book, and we were also child free last night and considered going to see it... Then had an evening of DIY and a takeaway...

  7. This looks amazing, I adore it!

  8. oh wow, well done! It looks amazing!

  9. It looks fantastic. The lettering in amazing.