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Tuesday 15 July 2014

slowly does it

Thank you to the lovely Catherine for asking me to host this month's Slow Blogger linky party

Don't know about you but sewing is taking a back seat for me at the moment.  June was rammed with other stuff and now July feels pressured to catch up, especially after all that time spent on the Bonadoochi beast. As usual, instead of getting down to what needs done, I decided to make a couple of birthday presents for the wee man's friends.  It's the start of birthday season so I think I've just set myself up for trouble....

I knocked up this lovely top up in a couple of hours the other night but it would have taken much less than that if I hadn't had to unpick the neck to retrieve the elastic that I accidentally let go of #fool.

T3 peasant top
I didn't have enough of the MoMo butterfly fabric to do the arms as well but I think the DS fabric went well with it.  The MoMo fabric has been in my stash for about 4 years (oh the shame!) but I used some new to me Soak Flatter on it and the creases fell out brilliantly.  I am chuffed to say that it is french seamed to the max too!

I find it more difficult to make for boys so I bought something and made a gift bag..

apologies for the crap camera phone photo
I'm going to try a crayon roll for the next boy gift I think.  Or I was thinking about aprons?  Any other ideas?

What have you been up to?

[sorry there's no photo option linkwise this time - they want to charge me $20 for the privilege and it's mid month, John Lewis had 50% Tula Pink and cotton&steel went on sale so it's not an option for me this time]


  1. I think I am one of the slowest bloggers ever, so I will link up!! How about bucket hats for the boys, or a drawstring PE kit bag or pencil cases? I love the little top you made :)

  2. PS) There are some good, free tutorials on the hat front on Pinterest.

  3. As you know I am slow at blogging, and slow at many other things!!!! Loving that dress - good present x

  4. Oh yes good idea Jo, Oliver and S have a free bucket hat pattern. I make crayon rolls, also little art folio (Gingercake pattern) which are generally well received, part of it is making a decision about how long I want to spend on making something and how much fabric it will use! If I make an art folio I'll make a few at once so I have a spare or 2!

  5. The dress is lovely!
    The crayon roll is a really good idea, most kids like to draw and will get good use I am sure.
    I am also thinking of drawstring bag or drawstring backpack with an Initial applique or a bunting displaying his/her name...
    A little pillow with his initial. I guess I'm hooked on initials now...
    Slow blogging is perfecly fine with me...means more time for what matter most.:)

  6. Lovely to use fabric from your stash for such a cute dress. Keep on blogging, even if it's slow x

  7. very nice top. We are getting a John Lewis here in Leeds, they are doing the foundations now so will look out for fabric sales

  8. Ooh ... Love a Slow blogger linky..... I think I am Queen of UFO's..... And I don't have the luxury of living with small people to fall back on. My summer sewing time is spent on the golf course... It's very time consuming. I love that little dress - must get sewing for my Grandaughter...

  9. Lovely idea to make gifts and I think I fall into the slow blogger category as well. I don't have any small people to sew for yet so no idea what to make. The little boy next door to me ( age 3) is into superhero's so I wondered about making him a cape.

  10. The top is so cute! I'm sure it will be loved by its recipient. Depending on the age of the boys I would suggest a personalized cape or cloak, a pirate shirt, or vest would be good projects. Then again, I have sons who love to dress up.

  11. oh how adorable! Wish it was big enough to fit me! I think it's better with the different fabric on the sleeves, makes it more interesting. Crayon rolls are great for little boys. Other ideas - a roll for his toy cars, a lego bag, a superhero cape...

  12. What a gorgeous peasant top! Is there a pattern please? I made my godson a drawstring bag and used felt letters to write Billy's Car Bag on it. He keeps all his toy cars in it.