Finished Quilts

Saturday, 16 August 2014


So, it would seem that my sewing mojo is on extended vacay so there's not much sewing action Chez 'boiler.  I have managed to get some quilt fix though, mostly through this year's Festival of Quilts.  After last year's disappointments, I rashly announced that we would not be gracing the FoQ with our presence this year.  But I soon caved, partly because the EMMQG submitted a competition quilt into the Group Quilt category.  It was handed over at the last possible minute after some demon Trudification and hand finishing by Mary G, so it would have been rude not to go check it out.  Here it is in its hung glory....

#519 Where We Live
The idea was to do "improv" blocks representing an image of where we live.  Improv in this context meant do what you want.  No quilt police/pedants here.  So it represents the East Midlands from West (bottom) to East (top), with Bridget's panel at the bottom, then Kerry's, then Hannah's and finally Trudi's at the top. I did the sashing, Trudi quilted and Mary finished.  The others gave advice and guidance throughout the process. For most of us, it was the first time submitting a quilt, doing improv, working without a pattern.  I think the quilt works really well and it did not look out of place in the FoQ.  I am proper chuffed!

So, when the wee man and I took a road trip to pick it up yesterday (last one to be collected...last chicken in sainsbury's?!), I was really keen to see the feedback from the judges.  The envelope was finally located and here are the results..... this was first out of the envelope...

I was a bit miffed when I read it.  It didn't seem to fit with the comments.  How can you comment on the quilt hanging well and then give it "satisfactory" for that element.  And... hello... the quilting needs work?  Are you joking?

So it was with a little trepidation that I unfolded the comment sheet from judge #2....

that's more like it!
It's difficult to read the comments but it says "fresh treatment, successful combination".  A totally different opinion then.  In fact, here the "quilting: design and execution" element is given an Excellent mark!  I just don't understand the inconsistency.  Now, it's all noise really.  The EMMQG ladies should be really pleased with the end result.  But, if we are to learn from our first foray into competition quilts and use the feedback to help plan our next one, how can we with this feedback?  I know, I's all in the eye of the beholder.  One person's winning quilt is another person's WTF?!

This is a perennial issue.  I have commented on a number of blog posts and IG photos bemoaning the feedback received.  At least we didn't get a comment on the lack of brown batiks!  So I guess it comes down to subjective, personal, individual taste and in that case I FREAKING LOVE IT!

As for the rest of the quilts, a much better year than last year, in my opinion.  We were a little disorganised this year so didn't manage to see everything but here is a little selection of my favourites (no names, obvs!)
you had to be there

absolutely LOVED this - well done, Reene

made with shards of denim

amazing points

loved this

not in competition but a Shevvy beauty 

There was a fabric grandfather clock which was utterly astounding, in a "but why would you?" way.  And lots of others that I forgot to photograph.

And I was very restrained, purchase wise...

£6 a metre!  It would be rude not to.
I missed as many people as I saw.  We went on Saturday and it seemed much less busy than expected, which was nice.  A good day, all told.


  1. Such a bizarre set of comments. I definitely prefer the second lot! Sorry for flaking out this year. I'll try to get my act together next year :)Thanks for including my quilt :) I'm kind of dreading my comments...

  2. is such a daft set of comments. How can we plan for next year with those comments???? I think that perhaps we ignore them and do our own thing... feeling very miffed about all this. Di x

  3. Plan now, reap the rewards later, onwards and upwards :D xx. Sorry I missed you too!

  4. Wow there really is such a difference of opinions in those comments.... Maybe the judge should have gone to spec savers!!!! Let's focus on the second set of comments. I think the quilt looks amazing anyway x

  5. From reading the comments it makes me think the judging has a lot to do with personal choice of what the judges like and that effects the comments. I spent 3 days at the show and still did not see all the quilts going by your photos.

  6. It's no wonder people don't enter quilts for competitions! Well done to you all for submitting a quilt in the first place. I missed most of the quilts you have shown ( including the EMMQG one ). It was also really good that the LMQG had a stand, where I did see Shevvy and her quilt. I think it's definitely worth persisting...

  7. Thank you honey! I didn't see many as I was too knackered but I did stumble upon you quilt which made me happy. I also had a look at the clock and yeah, fantastically well made but I can't understand why.

  8. Glad you had a good time and well done! At least one judge had good sense :)

  9. I wish I had been able to see the quilt in situ! I think it's great that you submitted a quilt into the show, I would be way too scared xxxx

  10. well, all i can say is that first judge is a complete and utter wally.

  11. Love your Group quilt! Wish I could have gone but the Gods of annoying extended family members conspired against me this year. 2015 I WILL get there!

  12. How fabulous to enter, I wouldn't dare! Lovely that you made it to the exhibition, it was my year 'off', hopefully next year.