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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bandwagon jumpin'

I am in the middle of my own sewing hell (bee block disaster zone) so thought I'd take some time out to ponder on some of the other "issues" with my quilty antics.  Inspired by Kerry @ Penny Dog, who was inspired by Molli Sparkles, who was inspired by Amy @ 13spools, ... some of my quilty little secrets

13 Spools
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  1. I very rarely use pins.  Maybe when I'm sewing large strips to each other and need them to line up properly, I'll use a couple of pins in the middle.  I probably should use more but really who can be bothered?
  2. I don't press, I iron.  I start out with really good intentions every time sometimes but always end up ironing.
  3. I rarely iron my fabrics before I cut them up.  It causes me problems but if I'd realised how much ironing was involved, I may not have taken up this hobby/obsession.
  4. I hate the cutting part, including trimming.  I rarely cut everything out before I start sewing.  Hugely inefficient but required for my sanity's sake.
  5. I hate clashy clashy.  It makes my head hurts.  Which leads to....
  6. Kaffe Fassett is definitely NOT my bag.  And I'm not too bothered about Amy Butler either *ducks head*
  7. Machine binding is not for me. I hate doing it and I dislike the look of it.  I'm a hand binder, get over it.
  8. I've had a 12.5 inch square ruler for nearly 4 years now and have only just worked out how the markings work.  This discovery was made after trimming bee blocks this afternoon, hence my current foul mood.
  9. Applique Shmapplique. And while we're at it wonk shmonk!  Of course, my fear of cutting and general stupidity with rulers means that I unintentionally wonk. So maybe that should be intentional wonk shmintentional shmonk.
  10. One of my most treasured things is a mini quilt I got in Brit Quilt Swap  and I've just signed up for Curly Boy's IG mini quilt swap because I can't see a bandwagon without jumping on.  But mini quilts...what is point? #contrarymary #thron

Have a look around blogland and you'll see that your own quilty little secrets may be more common that you think!


  1. Great post - can definitely identify with some of these need to do my own list!

  2. yes I can agree with so manyo f your guilty secrtst but will admit to liking the oh so colourful Kaffe fabrics not that I can afford to buy any, he has an exhibition on at the quilters museum in Bath at the moment, going right back to his knitting days which I have dreams of going to see as it is meant to be amzing, do not think you would appreciate it though!!!

  3. Made me laugh :-) Totally with you on 1,2, 5 and 7!!

  4. Hahahaha!!! I too iron, hate Kaffe and other brights and have too many beautiful but essentially useless doll quilts. I have stopped swapping coz I'm drowning in 'em! I might do my own list...

  5. Nearly had coffee all over me when I read "shmonk" - what a great word! I do wonder if the hype of some fabric collections is a case of the Emperor's new clothes

  6. Trimming is the worst part! And you had me laughing at the Shmapplique and Shmonk!

  7. I only 'get' mini quilts if they are cushion fronts, placements, table runners, etc. If they have a purpose, I can understand. I just finished a small quilt as a nursery wall-hanging. As the child grows, it might become her doll's quilt. But mini quilts just for the sake of making a mini quilt? Puzzling.
    I hope your bee block disaster passes!

    1. Bee blocks abound still but I am going to win the fight!

  8. Lol, #8. I couldn't figure out how to use the 45 degree angle on mine

  9. Thanks for the giggle :) We do all have such "guilty secrets" when we do this craft our own way :) I still get "told off" at classes for pressing (by that I do mean ironing ;)) my seams open. Who'd have thought some people still believe such rules are set in stone! lol

  10. I saw Molli's post and started to list my own quilty secrets but haven't got round to posting it. I'm definitely with you on mini-quilts ( and mugrugs for that matter). You always have the best new words!

  11. Love your list! I don't see the point of mini quilts. I can appreciate the workmanship and admire them, but that's it. However, even though I have said all that, I still wanted to join in the IG swap hahaha! I didn't though ;) X

  12. I've just thought of another one! I prefer Flickr to IG…. Completely agree about your nos. 1 - 7, and 10. I don't have a 12.5" square ruler and I quite like wonky, other than that #separatedatbirth hahahahaha xx

  13. It took me a while to get the 12.5" square ruler too. Now I love that ruler. Enjoyed reading your list.

  14. You're completely wrong about 4 and 9 but I'm glad the bandwagon was jumped upon ;) I'm with you on 10- I am playing too but I don't display any of my minis as I have no room for them. Maybe when we move I can set up a pretty hanging system for them all.

  15. Brilliant post! They look like my quilty secrets, I HATE ironing and trimming!!
    I missed the ig mini swap and am gutted, but my son asked if the last mini I made was for a mini baby!! He couldn't see the point either, if it wasn't a usable quilt.........And it's still not been hung up!

  16. Oh god, so glad you did this - I thought it was just me! When I see blog posts with amazing straight stitching and flawless piecing, a little part of my sewing soul withers - then I have a glass of wine and think what the hell!!